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Want Children? Think Again.

World Of Warcraft doesn't just promote violence in far-off virtual lands, it sparks (hilarious) family feuds in reality too. Listen in on a domestic dispute between a very dedicated gamer and his very frustrated parents. Prior to this intervention, the boy big baby was playing along with his buddies and had a microphone attached to him. The following is what his friends overheard on the line...

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Schaianne Schaianne 9 years
Ok, that is just totally pathetic. Seriously. I played WoW (I'm now on Vanguard) but any of those are not worth THAT. RL comes first, totally. :rotfl:
Bksuga Bksuga 9 years
wow i cant even listen to whole thing i want to just tell that kid shut the fudge up and i am unplugging the computer uggghhh!!!!
SeriousCat SeriousCat 9 years
Reminds me of this:
colormesticky colormesticky 9 years
colormesticky colormesticky 9 years
sweetheart_450 sweetheart_450 9 years
Lmao!! :rotfl:
sweetheart_450 sweetheart_450 9 years
Lmao!! :rotfl:
vitrolicbump vitrolicbump 9 years
um...yeah, my kid wouldn't be allowed to get that far. I'd be unplugging that computer so fast he wouldn't be able to whine "But I have to get my level 67 draenei mage to Kalimdor...he's in flight!" I've had enough of that with my ex-boyfriend! (Yes, I've played the games, they're addictive but I, for one, know moderation. It seems that weakminded creatures don't. :/)
Ashlyn-Rose Ashlyn-Rose 9 years
My friend once dumped a guy because he wore a World of Warcraft shirt. Good story.
Fancy04 Fancy04 9 years
Fancy04 Fancy04 9 years
uacosj uacosj 9 years
God, that was so embarrassing.
NyckieRocks NyckieRocks 9 years
Wow..... that was insane.... if I were that kid's parent I would have just shut down the computer, grounded him first thing, and been done with it. I wouldn't have even have listened to the whining.
junebrug junebrug 9 years
Anyone who thinks video games are not harmful to children needs to watch that. He played it once and his addiction is complete. That kid wouldn't be going to lacrosse tomorrow if he were mine, he'd be going to the hospital.
Phil Phil 9 years
hahaha. Typical lacrosse player.
licia licia 9 years
LOL! man.. that was.. something. I'm speechless.
mandykw mandykw 9 years
" there?" "man that was the weirdest shit I've ever heard in my life" :ROTFL: That was pathetic! World of Warcraft should come with a warning label.
anaisethenry anaisethenry 9 years
wow! how old is that kid?
anaisethenry anaisethenry 9 years
wow! how old is that kid?
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