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Warnings on Airbrushed Pictures

Should There Be Warnings on Airbrushed Images?

If British equities minister Lynne Featherstone had her way, there would be warnings on airbrushed images telling viewers bodies aren't realistic. It's not the first time a government's tried to stop Photoshop, but young women have become so savvy at discerning doctored photos that it might not even be necessary.

Good Surgeon Guide, a cosmetic surgery site, asked 1,078 teenage girls about airbrushing photos in fashion magazines. The vast majority was aware it happens, and about half could tell when photos of Fergie, Jessica Simpson, and Sarah Jessica Parker had undergone the mouse.

Meanwhile, nine out of 10 girls said photos of celebrities aren't realistic or achievable — maybe we've already talked it into mainstream knowledge? Or do we need viewer beware labels to make it crystal clear?

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