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Watermelon-Eating Dog Provokes Stabbing

Headline of the Day

Watermelon-Eating Dog Provokes Stabbing

I'm tired as I write this, but I think that even if I were of sound mind and body, this would still make no sense. Apparently, a Boston dude stabbed himself "to prove to his brother he wasn't afraid of pain," according to police. A lot of other weird shit happens after that, and the writer of this news story seems intent on pinning it on the watermelon-eating dog (not pictured above) with the seemingly innocent words "helped cause" as in, "A dog eating a watermelon helped cause a Boston man to repeatedly stab himself..." Click here to read a news story that becomes more baffling the more you read, and please let me know if you can make heads or tails (hehe) of it. In the meantime, I say, don't blame the doggie!


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