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A Waxy Mess

Dear Sugar
My new boyfriend bought me a weekend getaway for Christmas and we are leaving this Friday. As a surprise for him, I've decided to get my first bikini wax. After picking the brains of all of my girlfriends, I knew exactly what to ask for from my waxer, but I was horrified when I saw the end result.

Not only do I look like a porn star, but my legs and bikini area now have serious ingrown hairs and huge red bumps that look awful. I wanted to look sexy for my boyfriend but instead I'm afraid I am going to scare him off! Do you have any recommendations to mend my situation before the weekend? Bearing All Beth

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Dear Bearing All Beth
Yikes, This doesn't sound good. When did you get your waxing done? The redness and irritated look should go away after a day or so and you should avoid hot baths or a jacuzzi for at least 24 hours. Rub some hydro-cortisone on the area for two days until the swelling subsides.

Unfortunately, every woman reacts differently to wax and some are more prone to ingrown hairs. Since time is of the essence, I would get yourself some Tend Skin which is a miracle worker on soothing the skin after any type of hair removal. Exfoliation is key to taking off the top layer of skin to let the trapped hairs escape, but make sure you wait a few days or else you will make the area even more irritated.

There is no way to re-grow the hair down there in time for your getaway, but the good news is I am sure your boyfriend will love the new look. Look on the bright side, this gives you an excuse to explore the inner porn star in you! Have a good trip.

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katie225 katie225 10 years
i think i'm pretty talented with the needle. :) i've never had any problems with using a needle. i don't dig, basically. and it's the last thing i'll resort to, i use my nails mostly since the bumps are usually itchy. i should just leave them alone, i know, but it's like that annoying pimple that you just can't help but pop. ew, i'm grossing myself out now.
fashion_doll24 fashion_doll24 10 years
Katie, don't use needles! I once couldn't get out an ingrown hair in the bikini area, but using a needle made it even worse. I still have a light scar from it. You should just try to get rid of it with your nails, just lightly scratch the skin. If that doesn't work, it sometimes helps to squeeze it, like it's a pimple. But don't use needles! :mob:
katie225 katie225 10 years
i've stopped shaving down there because the irritation, pain, and discomfort from shaving was just...not nice. my bf always wants me to get a bikini wax, and i'd be all for it, except i use nad's on my legs instead of shaving (i guess i have very sensitive skin, shaving is horrible for my legs too) and i always get ingrown hairs. luckily, the hairs on my legs are blonde so no one notives. i'm just so afraid of ingrown hairs in the more sensitive bikini area. exfoliating literally does NOTHING for the ingrowns on my legs. they are under more skin than just the top layer, i guess. if i want to get them out, i have to use a needle, like i have a splinter.
daniellee daniellee 10 years
That really time...instead of waxing...I'd personally reccommend the bikini shavers from Noxzema. You can find them in the razor/shaving cream etc area of some beauty stores (I don't see them everywhere, but I get them at Ulta.) Have fun on your trip!
cubadog cubadog 10 years
Tend Skin is great. Don't let this bad experience keep you from getting waxed next time use the Tend Skin before and after and you should have no problems.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
whoa!!!!!!!!! hahaha, innerporn self* nice touch there at the end DearSugar* Beth, there are venus razors that are awesome and way less painful, no pain at all unless you cut'll get so use to it you'll be able to do it in dark, mmmm Hmmmm!
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