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Are We Boyfriend-Girlfriend Yet?

Dear Sugar
I have been seeing a new guy for about two months. We have known each other for years but have just started to become romantic. He has made all the right moves so far and and we have been spending lots of time together.

I really like the way our relationship is progressing but I don't know how he feels. We take each other to events and introduce each other to our friends, but I don't how to categorize our relationship. We have not had "the talk" yet but I feel like the time is right to bring up the important questions. When is too soon to define your relationship? Ready for Answers Rebecca

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Dear Ready for Answers Rebecca
All couples progress at different paces but if you feel the time is now to get answers, then you should be getting them. When you introduce each other to friends and family, what do you call each other? Have you had any discussions about becoming exclusive?

Sometimes asking someone you are dating to define your relationship can be awkward and nerve wracking, so it's best to be as casual as possible. Try bringing up the subject in passing and see if he bites. If you get no response, say something cute such as:

"When you talk about me to your friends, what do you refer to me as? Am I your loving girlfriend, or am I more like your good buddy gal pal?"

If you keep the conversation light, you'll make him feel more at ease. This can help him to open up a little bit more about giving your relationship a title. If you guys are on the same page, hopefully he will adore your delivery and give you the answers you want to hear. Good luck.

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