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Wedding Disaster Stories

6 Unforgettable Wedding Day Stories

Y'all go to some crazy weddings! Last week I asked for wedding day stories that are memorable for all the wrong reasons. Funny, embarrassing, dramatic — you've seen it all. Here are six stories that every guest surely remembers — much to the families' chagrin — and now we can, too.

  • "I went to a wedding where the mother-of-the-groom was medicated for anxiety. She stood up at the reception to make a speech and told everyone that when she first met the bride, she thought she was a lesbian." — Dragonflye
  • "My poppie found the groom in the closet at the reception with another guy, doing it." — Anonymous
  • "The man who performed the ceremony at my half-sister's wedding talked just like Elmer Fudd (no joke). She couldn't contain herself and spent the entire ceremony uncontrollably giggling. It was pretty funny, but took all seriousness out of it!" — postmodernsleaze
  • "I was at a wedding where the bride got up and basically told everybody that she was too good for the groom." — snarkypants

Read the rest below.

  • "The ring bearer and the flower girl were both about 4 years old. Both were also carrying teddy bears. Right in the middle of the vows and standing directly behind the bride and groom, they began pummeling the stuffing out of one another with their bears." — fuzzles

  • "I went to a friend's wedding out of state, and we were driving around in the limo, stopping at various places. Stopped at the mother-in-law's house, and my friend [the groom] took a drag off her cigarette. Bride found out, had a meltdown, declared she was getting an annulment, since he'd promised never to smoke again . . . They got back together, but the marriage only lasted a few years. Shocking!" — bluesarahlou

Have a story that's so bad it's good? Add it to the comments below!

Source: Flickr User divemasterking2000

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Fixe Fixe 6 years
i was in my cousin's wedding and one of the bridesmaids got so drunk in the limo, she didn't even make it to the reception,She puked all over my sister's dress, and then she passed out and had to go to the hospital. By the time we arrived at the reception, there was an ambulance waiting there for her. Let's just say everybody knew about the incident before we even go to the party. But we didn't let it ruin the night
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
Gay guys in the closet? thaaaat sounds like a troll.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
Gay guys in the closet? thaaaat sounds like a troll.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
Nothing to beat those, but I got an uncontrollable giggle fit as I was walking down the aisle. Thankfully, it died down before the vows.
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