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Wedding Disaster Stories 2010-06-19 09:42:52

Share Your Worst Wedding Disaster Stories!

We're all about the the big day, as we start to wrap up wedding season here at Sugar. Everyone wants their wedding to go smoothly, but sometimes disaster strikes. It may not be as comical as in 16 Candles, when the bride got her period and zonked out on pain medication she took to ease her cramps, but wedding nightmares can turn out to be just as dramatic.

Maybe the roses showed up hot pink rather than classic red (that happened to my friend last year). Or perhaps the bride spilled coffee on her wedding dress (that happened to my family friend!). And there's always the classic embarrassing drunk toast that goes too far. Share the wedding nightmares you've witnessed in the comments!

MARoche MARoche 5 years
My wedding was awful. It was Sept. 4, 1999. I was 19 and my husband was 23. We didn't live together before we got married, and we paid for the majority of our wedding on our own. 2 weeks before the big day, we both got strep throat. Then a few days before our wedding, my husband started feeling very weak. The day before our wedding he couldn't step off a curb without falling over. By the day of our wedding, he literally couldn't stand up. I had to go over to his apartment and dress him. We decided to go ahead with the wedding, and then take him to the hospital. While I was getting my hair done, the only groomsman who hadn't gotten a tux called and said he couldn't make it. Luckily he gave his tux to one of the other groomsman (just happened to fit), and my brother stepped in to fill the spot. My mom and my mother-in-law walked my husband down the isle (one on each side holding him up). A million other things fell apart too, but there are too many to list. We had about a 30 minute reception before we went to the hospital. He was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. It was caused by the strep throat. The virus attacked his nerve endings and caused his muscles to stop working. He spent 3 weeks in the hospital, 3 weeks in in-patient rehab, 2 weeks in out-patient rehab and he couldn't work for a month after that. I went from living with my parents one day, to living alone (suppose to be with my husband) and trying to figure out all of the paper work that went along with having a (temporarily) disabled spouse. It felt like an eternity before he came home. Nearly 13 yrs later (and 2 children), we are still married. :)
Angel-In-Chains Angel-In-Chains 6 years
My wedding was excruciating...We got married in April 2007 and the weather up til that time had been perfect-not too warm, not too cold. The day before the wedding, it turned off freezing cold and rainy (by the way, we were expecting 75 guests and my fiance decided to do the main course himself, so he was out in that awful weather smoking about a hundred pounds of chicken!), and the heat in the church wasn't dad had to be talked into walking me down the aisle...the dry cleaner forgot to press my dress and veil...we did the cakes ourselves and came up three man's father died that uncle, who I was really close with, was bumped off his flight and couldn't get mother and MIL almost got into a catfight 5 minutes before the ceremony...and did I mention that my boss was so p***ed about me getting married that he flipped out on me 3 days before the wedding and tried to prevent me from taking my vacation time for my honeymoon? I cried my eyes out the day before and the day of because everything was such an unmitigated disaster; my cousin called me and reminded me that "a crappy wedding means a happy marriage in our family" (she went through an ugly wedding day, too, thanks to a MOH who was late and a psycho MIL who tried to ruin the whole day and she and her husband have been married for about 17 years now). Guess she was right...I still have the husband going on 4 years now. Oh, and I no longer have the jealous boss.
jujenkins jujenkins 6 years
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snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
chloe, the same thing happened to one of my friends! (bridal shop going bankrupt after she bought the dress) other disasters (all at different weddings): -bride getting drunk and giving a speech at the reception about how she's too good for the guy she just married and accused him of cheating on her -one of the candles on the pews fell over, setting the aisle on fire. also, the candle holder was glass, so the bride's train got ripped as she walked over the broken glass -father of the bride stepped on the bride's veil as he was "giving her away" it ripped out of her hair -bride gets mad at groom as they're being introduced at the reception. she continues to b!tch at him (loudly) during dinner. this girl was a total bridezilla though. she made her bridesmaids ask her permission to use the bathroom! which was really no fun for my friend, who was a pregnant bridesmaid. -an unexpected thunderstorm popped up in the middle of an outdoor wedding. the bride and groom were uncovered, but the guests were under a tent. with metal poles.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
Oh and most recently, several of my friends' husbands were groomsmen in a wedding for a couple that I know, but not well enough to where I was invited to the wedding. The bride and groom rented a bus to ride around on and take pictures in between the ceremony and the reception. Once on the bus, the bride and groom got into a big fight, in front of the entire bridal party and the bridal party's significant others - and keep in mind this happened within an hour of them getting married. The groom actually got up and moved to the other end of the bus because he didn't want to sit by the bride. The wedding party was basically a captive audience and said it was really awkward.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
One of my friends bought a wedding dress and before she could pick it up, the bridal salon declared bankruptcy and completely shut down. She had already paid for the dress in full, and ended up just losing the money. She was able to go out and buy a new dress before her wedding, but still, it would be horrible to lose that much money when weddings are already expensive. The first wedding I was in, the bride's grandma fell on the morning of the wedding. She ended up being ok (in the sense that she didn't need to be hospitalized), but she had two black eyes, and I think she broke her wrist and sprained her ankle. It was really stressful for the bride!
sweetcupcake sweetcupcake 7 years
Chrstne's story wins, hands down!!!!! That's so sad!!!!!!!!
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
My friend's extremely old great-grandmother, we're talking 101 years old, died in the lounge outside of the reception hall. That was the biggest disaster considering they were close, and all of the woman's kids were there. That was just terrible. She was a really feisty woman, so it was a shock that she died at that time. Other than that, I haven't been to a wedding where things went obviously wrong.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
Anonymous #21: Perhaps you're right. You make a good point. I will consider your gift card idea. :)
runningesq runningesq 7 years
This isn't really a disaster, since it worked out, but: Our pastor couldn't perform the ceremony because of a family emergency (totally understand, not upset with her!). I was looking online (we got married at our university's chapel - non demonenational) for an officiant, and everyone kept saying "you mean for THIS weekend?! you know most people find someone months in advance!" Yes, I know. We ended up finding a lovely woman and it worked out beautifully !
catita85 catita85 7 years
Almost two years ago I was invited to a friend´s brother wedding, but to the party (not to the sit down dinner). I drank waaay too much and was so out of it that my bangs got fire with a small candle on the table. A friend put it out quickly, but I´m still embarassed to even think about it. And on my cousin´s wedding, the groom fainted right in front of the altar, in the middle of the service. That was weird.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
To Anonymous #12: The last heard, yes, they're still together. Since the wedding, I've come to learn that being a drama queen is very much part of her personality. :) Her poor husband spends a lot time apologizing for her, and let's say, do a lot of damage-control with others in her wake. :) Needless to say, I insisted on having a casual friendship with her. She's too stressful for me. I much prefer to deal with her at arm's length. :) Don't feel bad for her husband. He knew full well what she was like (they dated for several years), and he still put a ring on it. :)
mix-tape mix-tape 7 years
When my brother and his wife married they selected some fancy chocolate shots to be given to the bridal party only. Well, my grandma was handing them out to the first guests to arrive at the reception. My sister in law threw a fit, it was pretty hilarious. The dj at that wedding also played the wrong songs for their dance with each parent.
ang1885 ang1885 7 years
I was in a wedding with my best friend as replacement bridesmaids because my ex-friend had lost the first set of friends, then the second set, and half of the third set she asked to be bridesmaids. You think that would clue me in on what was going to happen. One of the bridesmaids dropped out because they "changed their minds" about four days before the wedding and then two days before the wedding my grandfather passed away and I had to leave. The bride had relatives fill in and squeeze into the dresses and shoes. The wedding went well but after the ceremony ALL of the guests from her church left and didn't go to the reception. We're talking 50-60 people. Her reception photos have her and her husband, the bridal party, and her parents.
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