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Dear Sugar
I am going to a wedding this weekend for cousins of mine who just recently attended my wedding. I've decided not to give them money because they gave me a small check and I feel strange giving the same right back to them. Giving them an actual gift for a similar amount just feels more comfortable to me. I bought a beautiful hand-blown decorative vase and in their card I told them it was a symbol of how beautiful and fragile "we" are. How do you feel about this? Glorious Guest

Dear Glorious Guest
The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong gift to give for a wedding. A few generations ago, it was tacky to even give money. Your gift sounds very thougtful. Weddings are a time for celebration - you give what you can afford. But just remember, as closely as you've examined your gifts, they are doing the same, so make sure you are comfortable with how your gift reflects you.

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ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 10 years
Gifts of money, though appreciated at times, means you put about 1/2 a second of thought into this. Same goes for gift certificates. Ms. Manners would still say that their gift to you was tacky.
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