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Wednesday Horoscopes

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You will find that the more peaceful and understanding you are today, Aries, the better off you will be in general. Doors will open and people will welcome you with great fanfare. Be the diplomat instead of the warrior. Focus on the positive aspects of the equation instead of the negative. Luck and prosperity will come your way when you have this attitude wherever you go.
Make sure you leave things in better condition than you found them, Taurus. This is a good time to tidy your personal space and the environment. This is also a great time to do some shopping for yourself. Just be careful that you don't spend too much money. When beautiful things catch your eye, it might be hard for you to resist them, regardless of how much they cost.
This is one of those days in which it's easier to be yourself, Gemini. Don't feel like you need to change your personality to fit a situation. You naturally add an important dynamic to the group. Your detached, unbiased, and knowledgeable view of the situation will be an important asset to today's events. People would do well to listen to you, so be bold when expressing yourself.
Communication is a key part of the day, Cancer. You will find that a great deal of information is available to you when you ask for it. You can pull from many different resources, so don't be afraid to tap the different wells available to you. Emotionally, this may not be the best day for you, but you can overcome this as long as you keep a lighthearted, optimistic approach.
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Bring things back into balance, Leo. You've probably been so focused on yourself that you've completely forgotten about others. It's time to fill in the rest of the equation and take into account what other people feel. Balance is crucial in every part of your life so that you maintain a healthy viewpoint. A clear mind allows you to see the truth of what's really going on.
This is a good day to look at the big picture and discuss your ideas with others, Virgo. As you walk down the street, make sure you pay attention to what's going on around you. If you continue to be preoccupied by one issue, you may never see some of the other important pieces of the greater whole even though they're obvious to everyone else.
You will be in an excellent mood, Libra, and find your positive attitude amplified as you come into contact with more and more people. The one thing to watch out for today is laziness. There may be a great deal of it going around, especially in your camp. Don't waste the good energy of the day sitting around and doing nothing - even though it's quite tempting.
Speak your mind clearly, Scorpio. Other people aren't mind readers like you are. If you keep waiting for someone to figure out what you're thinking, it will be a long time before the truth comes out. Give people a break and let them know what's going on inside your head. Communication is important, and today it begins with you. Feel free to take the first step toward opening the door.
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You can soar to great heights on a moment's notice today, Sagittarius. There's a fast-paced, socially minded quality to the day that will encourage people to share more of themselves with others. You will find a great deal of support from many different people now. Welcome this help with open arms. Don't try to do things by yourself when you're surrounded by such a strong team spirit.
Try to see the positive in people, Capricorn. Relax and don't get so worked up over your internal drama. You're the one responsible for creating this turmoil. Find comfort in a creative project. Do something that you love to do that makes you truly happy. There's an expansive feeling in the air that's likely to amplify whatever mood you project.
You should find that the adventurous side of you has the support of your emotions, Aquarius. These two parts of your spirit are working in harmony to help you stretch beyond your limits. Push into new realms and ask questions when you don't understand something. This is the only way you will learn, develop, and grow mentally and emotionally. Don't assume learning stops when you leave school.
Dress in your very best today, Pisces. Feel free to kick up your heels and take on the town. This is a great time to go out with friends, socialize, and have a fabulous time. Put your worries aside and join a group for some lighthearted fun and merriment. Keep a smile on your face and you will find that you can walk through any door you choose.
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