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Weird Al Interviews K-Fed

In this "interview" conducted by Weird Al Yankovic, K-Hole comes out looking, predictably, like an A-Hole. Regarding K-Fed's new "F" tattoo, Weird Al asks, "What does it stand for--failure?" Another Weird Al zinger: "What's it like to have a closet full of wife-beaters--and no wife?" The guy's not subtle, and this video isn't short (it's about nine minutes) but it seems K-Fed's 15 minutes of getting his ass whooped aren't over yet.

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teddybear teddybear 10 years
He has been tortured enough. I believe he was trying to do something with his life but when Britney chased him down his ego inflated in unimaginable ways. He didn't know how to be rich in the public's eye all the time and presenting an image (apparently Britney forgot how to). I don't think he is mature enough to have any kids. If he would stop talking he could be a cute guy, except that stupid face he makes when he's trying to look bad. He could dance in you got served. I didn't even know he was in it until it was pointed out to me. He should shut up, lay low and try to comeback with some other kind of career. He just cannot rap in my opinion. He can dance though.
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