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Welcome to the New DearSugar!

Welcome to your new DearSugar, Sugar Network's advice, romance, and personal growth blog.

I'm so happy and excited to announce many wonderful changes on DearSugar. I want to offer you more choices, more ideas, and more fantastic features about life, love, and being happy. Rest assured, tho, we'll still have your old favorites, like DearSugar's advice column, the daily horoscope, super fun polls, and Group Therapy.

Beginning today, you can click on Pillow Talk for relationship tips and stories, or use our Venting Machine, a safe place to let off a little steam. Enter the Mood Gallery and post a picture about how you feel, or dish at Do Tell, where we'll get to know each other better. Through Wise Guide, I hope you'll feel inspired and encouraged a little more every day. Your comments always impress and move me, so I've decided to highlight three of your remarkable posts every Friday! And because we should all feel free to be ourselves, I'll try to help embolden you with You Don't Need Permission to. . . .

And that's just the beginning! As always, I want to know what you like and what you don't! Remember, I'm here to help us learn more about being happier, wiser, stronger and even more fabulous!

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