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We're Fans: Choice Comments of the Week

We're Fans: Choice Comments of the Week

I loved the way pinkandgreenj found Nancy Pelosi's pioneering spirit AND fashion sense inspiring in her comment on Do Tell: Whom Do You Admire

Okay, I think Mom has been given enough times, so I will spice it up a bit.

Nancy Pelosi.

Smart, classy, a trailblazer. Proof that you can have a good family life and a good career. Inspiration to women like me who wonder how they can be a good mother and a good _________ (attorney in my case).

And, she dresses impeccably. There was even a NYT article on this very subject about a week or so ago. (Yes, it is shallow, but seriously, have you seen the way some other female politicos dress. Yick!)

Republican or Democrat, its hard not to like her after you saw her 60 Minutes profile.

I can't say enough about her.

Liza Toad brought a spirit of reflection and boyfriend appreciation in her comments after taking our poll If You Had to Live Without One Thing in Your Relationship.

this poll just inspired me to write my bf a card and tell him how much i love laughing with him and talking to him about everything in the world, he's the best!

And I was so moved by all the expressions of compassion, tenderness and longing at Do Tell: Just One Wish. I couldn't highlight all of them, but this one from snowy32 struck a chord with me.

I would wish for my mom to be able to go to Europe and travel, she has always wanted to, but puts everyone before herself.

Our thanks to everyone visiting and sharing at DearSugar.

Beautifulbarbie Beautifulbarbie 10 years
You go girl.
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
congrats lizatoad!
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