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What is the Average Number of Sexual Partners for a Man?

If you were to guess how many sexual partners an average American man has had in his lifetime, what would you guess?


hmmlol hmmlol 8 years
Hi there I was wondering if my number is what you could call normal I'm a guy at age 19, and I have been with about 30, I actually counted today.. I have been active for 6 years, and divided it's about 5, that is nearly a new girl every second month.. Do you think this is normal, becuase I'm a bit concerned I must say.. thanks y'all
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 10 years
ahh lucky number 7
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 10 years
Oh, good point. I read the top question, which just said "sexual partners" which made me think it was deliberately NOT making this an exclusively hetero question. But after going to the article referenced, it's definitely about hetero sexual partnerships. However, I also noticed in the article that 7 was the MEDIAN number of partners for men and 4 was the median for women. Median being completely different, mathematically, from average or mean. So I do still think you have a point, but now it's at least technically possible for the math to work out somehow :)
tokenguy tokenguy 10 years
The question did say female partners though. So not sure if that means it or is just poorly written. Who knows... Still, while I agree gay guys probably do have a bigger number, it's not THAT much bigger to pull up the whole nation wide average that much. Curiouser and curiouser.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 10 years
Maybe there are 3 million foreign women out there who have been bedded by American men. :) There is also a gay population which is, rightly or not, tagged as being generally more promiscuous as the straight population. No one said anything about these stats being hetero.
tokenguy tokenguy 10 years
Am I being stupid? How does this work? Let's say there's a million guys and a million girls. That means guys have had 7 million female partners, and women have had 4 million male partners. There's a big discrepancy there! Where did the missing 3 million go? The only thing I can think of is prostitutes, but I can't believe the average guy has been to three prostitutes, especially in America where it's mostly illegal.
nicachica nicachica 10 years
hehe Pop! Well let's see... for those that aren't aware, Ted Haggard swung both ways (his lovely wife and his lovely, meth-addicted gay escorts) and Mr. Jackson had what, a few kids NOT from his marriage? Gotta love those hypocrites! otherwise, i think the number 7 is b.s. but maybe all the guys that surround me are really just sluts.
bookgirl bookgirl 10 years
At first I was surprised at the answer being 7, but then I realized that most of the guys I know have had very few partners. I can think of several who have had only 2 or 3, but most of the females I know have had over 15.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 10 years
Well for every Colin Farrell there is an upright religious figure to temper the number, like Ted Haggard or, um, Jesse Jackson. Hmmm, maybe not.
MiyabiNa MiyabiNa 10 years
I think the number may be right...if you are counting full-out sexual intercourse~ not just a BJ/HJ or "fooling around"..cuz I'm sure a man does not "score" every time he goes after a chick...and most of the time stuff like that happens (if you're not in a relatioship or whatever) when they're drunk and they pick up someone in a bar or club and "fool around"......unless the guys is a manwhore. Then ew >P
MiyabiNa MiyabiNa 10 years
Beth1122~ maybe some of the guys you know exaggurate? I know guys do that to seem esp when they HAVE to impress their male friends =P
Beth1122 Beth1122 10 years
I agree with Justme21...7 seems low compared to the men I know. Maybe I'm just friends with manwhores though, lol....
ALSW ALSW 10 years
I'm with Pink Lipstick - while I've only had one sexual partner, I've fooled around with a significantly higher number and the same could be said for my husband.
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
I said 20....I have a hard time beliveing that 7 is the magic number. Just doesn't seem right to me...
Bksuga Bksuga 10 years
uhhh no!!!! what guys did they survey
söderskär söderskär 10 years
Oh, I just noticed that the question said "average AMERICAN man". I think our Nordic guys are way sluttier than that. Must be because liquor laws are a bit more loose over here and booze is helping them get laid. ;)
söderskär söderskär 10 years
Really??? I said 15, because I used to watch Sex Inspectors on a Swedish TV channel, and there they said that the average number was 11, so 15 seemed close enough to that. I'm really surprised (in a positive way) that it's only 7. Even I've had already 6 (I wish I had just this one that I have now :hug: ), and I'm only 23 and a wallflower :)
lifer_refil lifer_refil 10 years
Got it right! I agree with muchacha. Not every guy is a slut. Plus, some of us gals get the female average up too!
Pink_Lipstick Pink_Lipstick 10 years
I believe that...I also think that's just counting the women they've actually had sexual intercourse with. If the question was, "How many women have men had sexual contact with?", the number would be higher. I know I've only had sex with one man, but the amount of guys I've "fooled around" with is much higher. (and apparently being on TeamSugar makes me feel very open lol)
tati33 tati33 10 years
ah good call summer..that's what i thought ..7 would be too really then it was 15
muchacha muchacha 10 years
I'm not surprised at that number.. I think quite a few men only have one partner in their lives, so that sort of averages out the guys who have slept with 30+ women.
summer-roberts summer-roberts 10 years
Well, in my experience men cut their true number in half so 15 is probably more accurate. LOL :)
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