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What Is the Best Age to Be?

Your Favorite Age so Far

    Actress Kristen Bell gave us all a good excuse to get nostalgic this week when she discussed her recent birthday. Kristen said that since turning 30, she feels like it's been her best year yet. I asked you all to share your favorite age so far, and here are some of the sweeter answers.

    • "25! I had a good job, enough money to buy my first designer dress for my 25th birthday, and a really fun party with tons of lovely friends at a downtown cabaret. I just remember feeling really loved and like my life had hit its stride." — jadenirvana
    • "Age 8 instantly popped into my head. I loved where I lived, was surrounded by great friends, had tons of freedom & places to explore, few responsibilities and didn’t know much about the world beyond my favorite little town." — Stephley
    • "23 (because my adult life really started that year) and 17 (because being a senior in high school is tons of fun)." — onlysourcherry

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    • "Yeah, grade 3 was a good year. And my first year of college, of course. But I really hope the best is yet to come, as they say." — Pistil
    • "Probably 25. I met my now boyfriend back then. It was a really fun and care-free year from what I can remember." — bryseana
    • Hmm, I think 28 was awesome! I celebrated my birthday surrounded by my 22 closest best friends and family members, went to Costa Rica, Aspen, and Miami. I also threw an awesome tailgate, a fab housewarming, and several super memorable intimate dinner parties. I treated myself to a new handbag and went to countless amazing restaurants for dinner." — PartySugar

    Source: Flickr User foxtongue

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