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What's the Best Explanation For Sanford's Disappearance?

What's the Best Explanation For Sanford's Disappearance?

Update: During his emotional press conference, Gov. Sanford admitted to having an extramarital affair with a woman in Argentina.

I've heard of guys up and disappearing before, but the story of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford's disappearance takes it to a whole new level. This week, the governor's staff insisted that no one had heard from him since last Thursday because he was (nude?) hiking the Appalachian Trial. That story fell apart when a local newspaper found him last night at the Atlanta airport returning from Argentina, according to the governor.

On the one hand, I'm sure I'd want to just get away from the glaring public eye if I were a politician, too. But something seems fishy considering he left without telling his wife, kids, or, staff. I'm having trouble buying that he secretly went to Argentina all by himself just to relax. There are many strange details: his wife is not shy about being pissed, his cars were reportedly found at the Columbia, SC, airport and the Atlanta airport, and his staff has been lying about knowing his whereabouts.


Many theories are spinning in my head. Was the governor taking tango lessons? Dealing with an affair gone wrong? Having a nervous breakdown? Or just taking a little solo vacation . . . for a week . . . without telling anyone . . . when he's the governor of South Carolina?

While we wait for word from the governor (apparently he's having a press conference soon) let's indulge in some idle speculation. What you think best explains this strange story?

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