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What Birth Control Method Do You Recommend?

I love my girlfriends, but not just because we have fun together, because they offer great advice, too. We can talk about love, sex, friendship, and of course, how to stay pregnancy free! They've used an array of birth control methods, including Yaz, Mirena, and the NuvaRing, but they each say I should be on their preferred method because they love it so much.

Since finding the right birth control can take some trial and error, hearing recommendations from friends can be a great starting point. So ladies, what kind of birth control would you recommend? And do you have any nightmare experiences with a specific one that you'd tell people to avoid like the plaque?

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Sam-Shaw Sam-Shaw 8 years
Oh, and CDA, it doesn't pass. It gets worse.
Sam-Shaw Sam-Shaw 8 years
I've been on multiple pills and Nuva Ring. All I can say is that Nuvaring was a COMPLETE NIGHTMARE. I developed panic attacks, gained 10 pounds in 10 days, and experienced uncontrollable crying for the 5 months I was on it. I would not recommend it to ANYONE. I'm on LoEstrin now. Its not bad. No side effects, except nausea for the first two days of taking my first pack.
Senior09 Senior09 8 years
I reccomend the Pill. In my opinion it's the easiest. I would use condoms except I'm highly allergic. I want to use one of the methods that last up to 5 years.
red4bonez red4bonez 8 years
I do the pill. I am on yaz right now and I like it. It is pain in the a$$ to take it everyday but since I take it everyday I feel protected you know?
whenicatchxfire whenicatchxfire 8 years
Im currently on Yaz, it's okay but it makes me retain a lot of water. I used to be on Loestrin 24 and that one was really good, no cramps, bloating and my period only lasted about 2-3 days and was barely noticable.
mizznono mizznono 8 years
mirena works really good i had gottin it after i had my daughter 2 1/2 years ago i havent had a period and NO KIDS LOL and my boyfriend has not used a condom since then so i would say the mirena is a really good birth control
bacon1 bacon1 8 years
I'm on Ortho-Novum, which is a bc pill. I just got married, and we want to wait a year or so to have kids, so I picked the pill. If I got pregnant right now, it would be no big deal. I have had no side effects with the pill, no weight gain or anything, and it has actually helped clear up my face and make my horrible, horrible periods SOO much better. I put it on my nightstand to take every night before I go to bed, so I have no problems with remembering to take it. I like the fact that if we decided to have children I could just go off the pill and use condoms for a little (while getting the pill out of my system) and there would be no major hassles. I thought about the Nuvaring, but was afraid it wouldn't stay in and I would always think about/or forget about it and not change it.
cda cda 8 years
just started using the nuvaring one week ago! I want to love it but am feeling a bit grouchy. Has anyone experienced this and does it pass?
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 8 years
Nuva Ring, best Iv'e ever tried. Married people don't always want to have 8 or 9 kids.LOL>
sam-i-am351471 sam-i-am351471 8 years
My sister has and IUD and absolutely loves it so I spoke to my doctor about one and seeing as I had not had children yet the doctor suggested I try other means first and use the IUD as more of a last resort. I now am on Ortho Tri-cyclin and it's not bad. My periods are more consistant and on time now. I only ever had a few zits occasionally but since I have been on Ortho Tri-cyclin I have not had any at all, always a plus. Emotionally I do well all month until my period hits. I get really emotional on my period. Not angry mood swings, just really sensetive and cry a lot. It's really weird for me to cry this much but it's only one week out of the month and it keeps the babies at bay with no other side effects so I can't complain.
mikmgan mikmgan 8 years
I've tried everything from the roota to the toota and I have to say the best so far is Mirena. I travel for my job as a flight attendant and it's nice to not have to worry about taking a pill everyday (especially being in so many diff time zones) which led me to try Othro Evra, but we all know the risks with that one, which led me to Nuvaring, which kept falling out. So now I absolutely love Mirena which I should have gotten a long time ago because there are no worries and it lasts and lasts and lasts! Only thing with this kind of birth control is it's best to be in some kind of steady situation, I wouldn't have too many partners with this one!
besi0004 besi0004 8 years
I have been on tri-cyclen for 5 years now and no problem...although we also pull out every time. I would not recommend depo at all. I know of two girls at university who got pregnant from it. One of my girlfriends was also getting it and she found out she was pregnant. Ofcourse that happend a month after the bf and her broke up after a 3 yr. relationship.
mash2cents mash2cents 8 years
I have used several different methods of birth control in the last 6 1/2 years, including more natural methods.
I started out with Alesse, about a month before my wedding, and I bled pretty much non-stop for 3 or 4 months straight, maybe a day or two break here and there. Thankfully I had a very understanding groom, as this was straight through wedding night, honeymoon, etc.
After that I think I was on Ortho-Tri, and things calmed down a bit (except my moods), though I still had wacky cycles with way more bleeding than I should have until I quit using the pill all together several months later. *Frustrating*!! Before bc I had 29 day cycles like clockwork. Probably even ovulated on the full moon and started my menses on the new moon like I should have, though I wasn't paying attention.
Post pill we used FAM (See Toni Weschler's book), and I knew how to use it really well because I had read the NFP book as well and had done all the practice charts and had charted my cycles pre-wedding (and through pill usage enough to know how crazy my cycles were), but we really wanted a baby - just felt like we should wait, so after 3 months, we found out we were getting one! Hooray! I do have to say this: FAM, or especially NFP, does not seem to work for newlyweds unless you have opposite work schedules or can't stand each other. If you are really serious about not getting pregnant at this point, commit to using a condom (or other barrier) EVERY time so that ovulation-libido doesn't impair your judgment and get you a baby you're not planning for.
Post-baby I tried the diaphram (which must be used with spermicide) since the pill had been so awful and my husband really didn't care for condoms. I used it. Sort of messy (and a bit hard to insert because it has to be squeezed just so to get it in (and can shoot across the bathroom/bedroom - spermicide and all!), and inserted just right, which is difficult around ovulation when the cervix is so high and soft that it is a bit hard to reach), but I was fine with it... except for one thing. The spermicide really irritated my cervix. Not fun. Allergy, maybe? Quit using it after 4 months.
Switched to ecological breastfeeding. We didn't mind if we conceived again, so we just didn't worry about it. My baby nursed a lot (12 times a day still when he was 10 months) and I got up once or twice at night when he woke up hungry until he was weaned at 15 months old. I also think I am in the small percentage of women who just cannot conceive until the baby is weaned pretty much all the way. Weaned baby #1 intentionally to conceive #2. Baby #2 nursed 22 months (not as often, but still a couple times at night) because he was allergic to dairy (respiratory congestion and endless, unconquerable rashes) but could have my milk as long as I didn't eat ANY dairy.
Post weaning we are back to FAM with condoms. Working GREAT!! We use condoms until my temps have been high for 4 days, and then take a break for the luteal phase (post-ovulation until next period). Husband is on board with condoms now and we found a better lube, and this is our favorite bc so far.
runznhail runznhail 8 years
SAY NO TO THE IUD!!!! I had one put in (Wow did that hurt) I've never had any kids and i was never told that it wasn't recommended for ladies who haven't had babies. My sexual partner (at the time, keep in mind this was a year ago) Said he could sometimes feel it "poking" him. Then I got this lovely infection that consisted of watery (lots of watery) discharge and three small (assist) looking bumps right next to where the strings are..... and my doctor (planned parenthood lady) couldn't figure out what was wrong..... Well I had it removed and the problem went away. I'm also not loving the pill I'm on right now.... makes me very depressed and thats not helping my sex life.
meechie meechie 8 years
Im a huge fan of condom's i have gained weight and had serious problems with the shot and the pill. plus i dont have children and dont want to have any problem's conceiving when the time is right.
MrsSchell508 MrsSchell508 9 years
I have been on several types of birth control. First I was on Seasonique. I liked the idea of only having a period four times a year and thought it would help with cramps. It was ok for the first six months, then I started getting spotting like a period about every two months or so. So went off of that to the NuvaRing. I liked the NuvaRing at first but it totally killed my libido, I wasn't willing to live with that. So went off the Ring and now I have the Mirena IUD. Like some pp, I have not had children yet but my Dr was open to trying it with me. She said the worst that would happen would be that she couldn't get it in and we'd have to find another method. But it got placed just fine. Wasn't a comfortable process, lots of sharp cramping, spent the afternoon on the couch. Had some pinching cramps for the next week or so, mainly just if I moved funny or lifted things. other than that haven't had any bad side effects and totally happy to not have to think about BC for 5 years!!
loveyou27 loveyou27 9 years
I really want to avoid hormonal birth control. I have finally reached an age where I have a body I like with no effort and really clear skin. I'm vain and don't want to mess with that. The thing I do like about hormones is getting boobage but the prospect of mood swings scares me off. Another thing to consider is that our internal hormonal state affects our own mating preferences and also how others behave towards us. So I would like to try something else. I still haven't tried any bc in my life though, so who knows, I might change my mind later. But for now, I'm thinking about the Persona monitor.
samyal8r samyal8r 9 years
yea i had nuva ring but the problem was that it kept coming down from i guess u could call it the top. so it was like always right by the opening, and eww i was at my boyfriends house and i went to the bathroom and it came out and i didnt notice. his mom found it the next day and was asking him about it it was so embarassing,! it just was too uncomfortable knowing it may fall out so now im on the pill and it works good.
chatoyante chatoyante 9 years
I had Mirena for a month and a half, with no kids; had bleeding and sharp cramping the ENTIRE time. Every day. gah. It works for some people but not uterus would just not accept a houseguest. :( I use lo-ovral, it's not bad.
tinabeana tinabeana 9 years
I love the nuvaring. I was on the patch, it made me nutty. I also hated the patch because it was like a wearing a band-aid for a month, it would move a little and if I wore a sweater especially the lint would stick to the adhesive around the edges... gross. So I switched the the nuvaring and love it. Can't feel it, don't think about it and my husband doesn't complain one bit.
BKNYGal BKNYGal 9 years
I don't care what anyone says - NONE of that stuff is good for us. I've had some serious side effects with the pill (damn near all brands), the patch and became a mother on the depo shot.... I'm loving the IUD w/no hormones...LOVE IT!
Janine22 Janine22 9 years
Thanks Jude C! But you can't use emergency contraception as a normal part of bc, it should just be used if the condom breaks. Maybe if we use a diaphragm and a condom...
hithatsmybike hithatsmybike 9 years
I've been on Aless for the past 3.5 years. It's always been great for me and I have no side effects. I'd be interested in trying out the Nuvaring or another method of birth control, but the pill is working so well for me, I can't justify switching methods.
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
Janine22, a Planned Parenthood nurse told me that in her experience, a diaphragm with EC as backup is actually the most reliable method of birth control.
Janine22 Janine22 9 years
I don't like to take anything that messes with my hormones, so I was considering a diaphram. It doesn't have hormones, does it? Has anyone tried to use it before? Any stories, experiences? (We use condoms, but my doc said it would be good to use something else as well). BTW, I have a difficult time using tampons, so would this be similar?
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