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What's the Connection Between Soy and Sperm Count?

What's the Connection Between Soy and Sperm Count?

With all this talk about meat and dairy products causing heart problems, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, more people are switching to alternative foods made with low fat, high protein soy. Tofu, soy milk, and fermented soy products such as tempeh, miso soup, and soy sauce are just a few, and so many people are adding them to their diets to be healthier. Some rumors have been spread that eating soy causes breast cancer, but right now the American Institute for Cancer Research says that there's no evidence that proves this theory. Well that's good news for the ladies, but as far as men go, now there's talk about how soy may affect sperm count. A US study discovered that men who included soy in their diets (equivalent to one cup of soy milk or one serving of tofu every other day) had an average sperm count of 41 million sperm per milliliter less than men who didn't eat soy foods. Geez, that's a huge drop in those little guys!

Now before you freak out, this isn't to say that eating soy affects the chances of having a baby; after all, soy products have been a part of Asian diets for generations with no signs of fertility problems. Also, this study doesn't touch upon the quality of sperm, and since it only takes one good swimmer to make a baby, it seems that more research needs to be done before drawing any conclusions about tofu and fertility. So as with everything, I think moderation is the key.


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JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 8 years
I don't want kids anyway but my husband is anti-soy products, he doesn't like the taste anyway. LOL on the drinking sperm, he should have been drinking something in an obvious color.
Silverlining10 Silverlining10 8 years
For some reason, because of the topic of this post, I keep imagining that guy in the picture is drinking sperm. I dunno...But it's grossing me OUT! Anyway, Seka21, I heard something similar. I don't know about WOMEN consuming soy, but I heard men who consume soy products have smaller packages. My cousin in Florida stays away from soy products for this specific reason! Also, soy is good for preventing prostate cancer, so I say it can't be all bad!
Matamoros Matamoros 8 years
It should be pointed out that one sentence in the article is grossly misinformed: ...after all, soy products have been a part of Asian diets for generations with no signs of fertility problems. Soy has been a part of Asian diets as a CONDIMENT, not a main course. It was used in small amounts as a seasoning, with the exception of occaisional tofu in Japan - again, not a staple. I have lived and traveled extensively in Asia and am a fanatic for Asian food and soy is not traditionally a main course. Some tofu and soy based products are finding their way into the diet (you can sometimes see soybean-based baos in Singapore) and some places serve tofu now, but tofu has been the main culprit in Asia and that was traditionally confined to Japan. Soy has been a condiment, much like Parmesan cheese is in Italy. It has never been a staple or main course until only very recently. That being said, one need only walk through Singapore, Bangkok, KL or HK to observe the abundant "lady-boys" and one begins to wonder about the soy they may have eaten.
Matamoros Matamoros 8 years
Soy is deadly poisonous. Stay away from it! Just because they sell it in health food stores, does not mean it's healthy! Soy is popular because it grows anywhere and is as easy to grow as a weed. It fixes its own nitrogen, so farmers love it because it's like farming weeds. Oh, but it's bad for people? Details, details... Soy must undergo extensive processing to be made edible - and even then it damages the thyroid among other things. Soy contains huge amounts of isoflavones, which are akin to female hormones. Feeding soy formula to an infant is like giving them 5 birth control pills each day. The damage is irreparable. Male babies weaned on a diet of soy formula may never develop an interest in girls - that is the hormonal effect. Countries which consume large amounts of soy have high rates of thyroid cancer. This is seen in Asia, but even there, soy has largely been used as a condiment with the exception of tofu in Japan. Soy sauce is ubiquitous in Asia - along with thyroid disease. In the west, we have been conducting a large experiment on the population. Replacing other foods with soy - soy burgers, milk and other staples now made from soy. Soy has gone from being a dangerous condiment to being a staple in a few years - simply because farmers have an easy time with it. Soy milk and miso soup seem to be the worst offenders with regard to isoflavone content. Read more:
Seka21 Seka21 8 years
Im not kidding.. i heard that pregnant women who consume soy have male babies with small..... er, equiptment. It affects boys not girls but Ive heard it a few times now. So.. i can actually believe that article.
Nitachequita Nitachequita 8 years
haha, when I first started reading this story I immediately thought of China's overpopulation. It also brings to mind a conversation I overhead in the grocery store, where a girl was lecturing her boyfriend on buying soy milk. Her argument was that soy milk is healthier because it is made from rice. LOL!
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