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What's the Deal With Revirgination?

I just came across a disturbing website called Revirgination. It's devoted to giving you info about hymen repair. Why, you may ask? So you can look and feel like a virgin again.

After you've had sex for the first time, supposedly your hymen (a fold of mucous membrane that partially covers the external vaginal opening) breaks, so having hymenoplasty surgery can help reclaim your virginity once it's been lost. The website says that "you wouldn't want your boyfriend/future husband to feel ashamed because your hymen no longer exists," but a woman's hymen isn't necessarily an indication that she's a virgin. Many times this mucous membrane can separate due to nothing sexual at all: strenuous activities, sports, inserting a tampon, or for no apparent reason whatsoever. Masturbation can also cause the hymen to separate, but for some women, even after intercourse, the hymen remains intact.

This whole idea about revirgination just confuses me — a little surgery down there isn't going to erase the sexual experiences you've had, so what's the point? Perhaps it makes sense for some, so weigh in and tell me what you think about revirgination.


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