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What Did the Pundits Get So Very, Very Wrong?

God bless 24-hours of news for giving us the "something happened, here's a boatload of people to tell you how to think about it" model of reporting. After all, where would we be without pundits? Thinking for ourselves? Well that clearly just won't do at all. So what happens when what we've been told by the experts turns out to be a little, uh, wrong? Salon rounded up a list of "bum calls" from pundits this election. Here are a few:

  • Everybody Loves Sarah: For a while there in August everything was coming up Palin — leading the heads to speculate she was a masterful pick that was going to snare the Hillary voters and make a big splash with feminists. Polls out this week however show that 60 percent of women under 50 have negative feelings about her.
  • Steve Schmidt Rules: After McCain topped the polls following the convention, the world beat a path to strategist Steve Schmidt's door. But with the decision to suspend the campaign and focus on the day to day rather than building a brand, the strategy seems to be coming up shorter than expected
  • They were wrong about Obama too. To see how,


  • Obama Should Have Taken His Allowance: When Obama turned down the federal funding and his money stalled a bit after the conventions, the heads saw blood. Clearly he was too big for his britches. Though his record fundraising month of September proved that wrong.
  • The Hillary Fans Are Done For: The pundits sure thought the vocal Hillary supporters would never come around to Obama and he'd blown it by not picking her. But with new numbers showing Obama beating McCain with a 91 to 5 percent margin among Democrats it seems like there were 18 million cracks in their crystal balls.

Check out the whole list to see more. Did you make any election predictions that didn't come true?


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