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Like Father Like Daughter: What We Share With Our Dads

Who's your daddy? Is he anything like you? We all take traits from our parents, both good and bad. This week, in honor of Father's Day this Sunday (did you buy a card yet at least?), I'm wondering what your father gave you in terms of personality quirks, physical characteristics, and other common bonds. The answers ranged from a shared love of Tolkien to traits you wish you could shed. Here are some of the most fascinating answers.

  • I'm a little female clone of my dad! We have the same face, same frame, same blue eyes and really light skin . . . we also have the same propensity to break bones, which sucks, and the same need for alone time. My daughter is a little female clone of HER dad, too. — Girl Jen
  • When I was a child, I was playing Nintendo, and my dad came in from a run all sweaty. I remember thinking to myself, "I'll never be that boring! It's all he ever talks about!" Now, I also have a deep passion for running, the joke was on me! — spacekatgal

Read on for six more, good and bad.

  • I'm a daddy's girl to a T. My family always makes fun of me for it. My dad and I are both fans of going anywhere, anytime. We both highly dislike touch-screen technology. We both love sweets. We both love buying gifts for other people. We can both be short-fused with our tempers. We both like playing pranks and can be mischievous (I have been told I have my dad's same trouble-making grin). My dad is pretty much my biggest inspiration. He's intense sometimes (control-freak!) and I am much more laid back, but he's amazing. I wish I was more like him, actually. — postmodernsleaze
  • I have my father's stubbornness and his temper, although I'm trying to do a better job at handling these traits than I feel like he did sometimes. On the positive side, I also have his sense of humor and integrity. — kimmieb124
  • Bipolar Disorder. That's all I would prefer to have in common. Moving on. — HoneyBrown1976
  • My dad always brought home stray dogs when I was a kid; the desire to help animals was the first and most important trait he instilled in me. He and I also like a lot of the same music (we're going to see the Flaming Lips together). — Weffie
  • Some things my dad and I have in common is our love for camping, love of power tools, and love of animals. — Snookyx
  • My dad and I both love horror movies and spicy food. — Juicebox07
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Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
Same bright blue eyes and angular-but-attractive nose. Same general fascination with cars and outer-space. Same short-short temper but overwhelming sense of guilt. Same taste in music- mostly rock, mostly heavy. Same shameless love of Mexican food. Same excessive fondness for psychoactives.
ForeverEva ForeverEva 7 years
My family says I am my dad...personality, looks. My dad and I have always gotten along pretty well, so I think we are quite similar, and other people don't quite understand him at times, but i do...and he always supports me with my ever changing mind....we are both very open minded and intellectual....I have the best conversations with my dad!!
missyd missyd 7 years
I miss my dad immensely. He left us unexpectedly, way too soon and young, a few years ago. I never looked much like my dad as a child except for our grey eye color. As I grew into an adult, my features changes and I grew to look very much like him. I inherited depression from him. Our personalities are exactly the same - I am nothing like my mother. We are both quiet and reserved, love to be alone, or to just sit in each other's presence for hours and sip on coffee, with no conversation. I know that may sound odd but it was an unspoken bond. We both have patience GALORE and don't get easily frazzled. We both have a great love of fishing and dogs. I am one very lucky daughter to be just like him. There is no one else in this world I'd rather be just like. I am proud of the way I am and my qualities, and they are from him. I miss you every day and love you Dad xoxo
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 7 years
Cheryle, the same thing used to happen to me! Every once in a while, when I was in my dad's old neighborhood, strangers would come up to me and say, "You're Eldon's daughter!"
AlexisSF AlexisSF 7 years
i'm the female clone of my dad too, with the exception of my eyes —his are brown my are green. we have the same laugh, same nose, same coloring, same sense of humor, and the same terrible hand writing.
dgirl1991 dgirl1991 7 years
my dad and i both loooove sushi ( my mom and sister hate it), the office, glee and 30 rock!
amofoz amofoz 7 years
I have my Dad's eyes, nose and sense of humor. :)
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