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What Is the Girl Code?

"Does the Girl Code Apply Here?"

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

My best friend just told me that he's been hooking up with one of my other close female friends. This was all well and good, but he also confessed he's with another chick at the same time. Neither of the girls know about each other and he's currently indecisive about which one he 'wants' and likes the most. He also doesn't know if he really wants a relationship with either of them. Although I think he's being a douche bag under normal circumstances I wouldn't do anything as it really doesn't have much to do with me. However his confession came after I mentioned that my female friend had been very upset that she hadn't seen him for a while, resulting in him revealing that he's been avoiding her for a while and has been with the other girl.

I told another friend of mine about this and she said it was my "duty" to tell my female friend about it because if she later discovers I knew he was doing this she'll be upset with me. Not only that, but she thinks that what my male friend is doing is awful. I disagree, although she's one of my good friends she didn't tell me she was with him, all she said is that she's finding it hard to get hold of him and was disappointed about it (ironically, just after I said that I wished the two of them would get together). I don't really feel like I owe her anything. Not in a bitchy way or anything, I just don't think "girl code" applies here. After all, he's a closer friend. The only reason I even feel uneasy in my stance is because I can feel that this will all blow up in the next couple weeks — I don't want to shoulder any blame.


Who's right?

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