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What the Hell Is Going on Here?

I know that gallantry isn't making a comeback anytime soon, but seriously, what the hell is going on here? The caption winner will win a cool GiggleSugar mug or t-shirt, and the winner will be announced Tuesday — that's right, Tuesday — Dec. 2. Caption away!


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turtlefreak turtlefreak 8 years
I didn't read these until after I wrote my last comment and noticed someone else had the same thought on broke bike mountain :rotfl:
turtlefreak turtlefreak 8 years
Camping on "Broke Bike Mountain"
eunyee9 eunyee9 8 years
sleeping bag...$50 tent...$100 Schwinn...$900 girlfriend who's willing to take one for the team...priceless
turtlefreak turtlefreak 8 years
She said it's me or the bike and he made his choice
NurseKimberly NurseKimberly 8 years
Man Of The Year
"NO WAY ... I'd rather sleep on rocks"
lilmismnm lilmismnm 8 years
Mary knew she shouldn't have told John he looked fat in that dress.
Shadowdamage Shadowdamage 8 years
MaggietheCat MaggietheCat 8 years
A woman needs a man like a man needs a bicycle.
Gemstargem Gemstargem 8 years
And the bike became selfish with no thought of anyone else and decided this was its time to steal a moment alone in the tent.
Gemstargem Gemstargem 8 years
And the bike was tired and so it naturally laid down beside its owner.
Kaizykat Kaizykat 8 years
"Sorry honey, but you're the one who wanted to come extra early for the Black Friday sales, and this tent is only big enough for one person and their beloved item..."
Gemstargem Gemstargem 8 years
No! I don't want to have a baby and I'm putting this bike in here just in case you're thinking of sneaking one in. I can make a fast getaway.
Fallen85 Fallen85 8 years
Threesome with a 10-speed
Bobbee Bobbee 8 years
OMG, this is hilarious!
fuzzles fuzzles 8 years
Tentric sex.
m-zenzele m-zenzele 8 years
Broke Bike Mountain, Cyclo-sexual hits home.
cali_student cali_student 8 years
"Sorry honey, two's company, three's a crowd"
lenepocket lenepocket 8 years
OMG are these funny!!! :rotfl:
"Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot." (Groucho Marx)
Aimeelo Aimeelo 8 years
After a night of drinking johns beer goggles have worn off and he realizes that he no longer went to be with a motorcycle.
honeyhoney77 honeyhoney77 8 years
It's not you, It's the bike.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
haha! :D These are hilarious guys!
Fallen85 Fallen85 8 years
A disturbing new trend: Bike-sexuality.
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