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All right, so I never saw The Wicker Man, but these clips make it look like the most ridiculous movie ever. Though, to be fair, wackjob Nicolas Cage provides about 90 percent of the crazy factor. What do you think is going on in this movie?

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AstonishedPanda AstonishedPanda 8 years
I'm actually half-tempted to watch this now because of the bee clip...
sushibananas sushibananas 8 years
Watch that clip without the sound - ha ha ha.
luminousfae luminousfae 8 years
OMG! that was hilarious. My brother has been trying to get me to watch this movie. I did well by not giving in.
Gwen-G Gwen-G 8 years
I remember this part...
lynbird lynbird 8 years
lol, Soapboxer! This actually makes me want to see the movie. Bike-jacking, lady-punching, kids in masks, and a cult with a bee funnel. The framework for my perfect long weekend.
Soapboxer Soapboxer 8 years
Man this flick's got more broad beat downs than a Lifetime movie.
Punk-Glam-Queen Punk-Glam-Queen 8 years
hihowareya, Mediaeval Baebes do a version of "Summerisle" on their Undrentide CD!
hihowareya hihowareya 8 years
The original is definitely creepy. And it's got some kick ass songs. And on that bed there was a girl And on that girl there was a man And from that man there was a seed And from that seed there was a boy This is sung with a bunch of little kids during a celebration! Fun!
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
If you saw the original or know the plotline of it, it would be more obvious. I looked up clips from the original on Youtube, or I came across one looking something else up. I wish I didn't like the music that comes out of a creepy movie. That makes listening to it really weird.
PinkNC PinkNC 8 years
It looks a complete mess *kesh shugs*.
dino-dino dino-dino 8 years
those women deserved it....
kesh-shugs kesh-shugs 8 years
what was that supposed to b?
Punk-Glam-Queen Punk-Glam-Queen 8 years
Wow I don't even remember that part with the bees from the film! The original is so much better, much creepier.
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