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November's issue of Women's Health touched upon 15 moments that define a relationship. And as we all know, each first is as important as the next, and they all possess a special memory for every relationship. So check out their 15 defining moments, plus a few of my own, and tell us what the defining moments were for you in your relationship in the comments section below!

  • Your first talk till dawn
  • The first kiss
  • When he introduces you as "my girlfriend"
  • The first morning after
  • Finding the nerve to say "I love you"
  • The first time you write "we" in an email to your friends
  • The first time you fight and make up
  • The first trip together
    • If you want to see the rest of their list and a few of my own defining moments, just


      • The first time you grocery shop together
      • The first time he lets you control his car/remote/iPod
      • The moment you see a future with him
      • When you notice you are no longer primping for him
      • Going to the doctor together for the first time
      • When you care for something together
      • When you commit — we're talking long-term commit — to each other

      And here are a few of my own!

      • The first time he cries in front of you
      • When you call him with news before your parents and your best friend
      • When you have more fun at home with him than out with your friends
      • When he invites your dad to play golf, cards, or watch a football game


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