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What's in a Name? Eight People Named After US Presidents

What's in a Name? Eight People Named After US Presidents

If you thought the name of the president doesn’t have much effect in the day-to-day lives of citizens, just ask — not Barack Hussein Obama — but John Quincy Adams Nadenbousch his opinion on that matter. One of eight people known to have been named after presidents, he took his #6 namesake and became the commander for the Berkeley Border Guards at Harper’s Ferry before eventually serving under Stonewall Jackson.

Then there's Woodrow Wilson Woolwine Stode or “Woody” as he was called. No, he didn’t create the League of Nations, but he was a decathlete, a football star and a Golden Globe nominated actor who appeared in Once Upon A Time In The West, Spartacus, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

Not a Democrat? No problem. There was also Theodore Roosevelt Radcliffe, AKA “Double Duty.” Mr. Radcliffe was a professional baseball player who lived to be 103 years-old. He earned his name when he played both pitcher and catcher in a double header at Yankee Stadium in 1932. The rest include: Martin Van Buren Bates, Abraham Lincoln Erlanger (who directed theatre. . . creepy?) William McKinley Randle, Jr., Monty Franklin Pierce Stratton, and George Washington Trendle.

Speaking of odd presidential trivia, are you a lonely south-paw? In November Americans will select, for the fifth time in the last 35 years, a left-handed president. This isn’t an endorsement, it’s inevitable. To see the scoop,


Both McCain and Obama are left-handed, which is statistically very rare considering that only about 10 percent of the population are lefties. But it gets even more statistically anomalistic. Since 1974 the other recent left-handed commander in chiefs have been Ford, Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton. Even the statistics regarding those who didn’t make it to the oval office are statistically very high. Al Gore, Robert Dole, John Edwards and Ross Perot are also left-handed.

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