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What If Poets and Novelists Wrote the Day's News?

What If Poets and Novelists Wrote the Day's News?

“Everything’s okay. Everything’s like usual. Yesterday trading ended. Everything’s okay. The economists went to their homes, the laundry is drying on the lines, dinners are waiting in place . . . Dow Jones traded steadily and closed with 8,761 points, Nasdaq added 0.9% to a level of 1,860 points . . .”

— Israeli author Avri Herling’s summary of the stock market in an experimental issue of Haaretz, a liberal, Hebrew-language Israeli daily newspaper that traded in its staff reporters and had 31 of Israel’s best authors and poets cover the news for one day. (One can only imagine what Franz Kafka, pictured above, would have come up with!)


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Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 8 years
Interesting idea but no thanks. Some writers may use too many metaphors that will confuse the hell of of people. No one would have a true clue at what is going on until it's too late.
wackydeli wackydeli 8 years
kafka my love! oh uh sorry ,i can only imagine if william burroughs wrote the news ,can the business section be x rated? but hey thompson wrote for papers and magazines so its not that far fetched
queenegg queenegg 8 years
Um, I may be biased because I have an English Degree, but I think it'd be awesome. And Shakespeare is easier to understand in play form than to read it. Just try it out, but James Joyce, man, I would hate to read the page and a half long sentences just to know that stocks went down 0.5%.
emilynotail emilynotail 8 years
The UK's new poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy's first official poem is called Politics. I think it is interesting to read poetry about current affairs. I think it would make poetry more relevant to a lot of people.
mschelley mschelley 8 years
interesting idea...i would like to read the news in a new format like that.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
write it like Shakespeare and no one will have any idea what is going one, lol.
Phil Phil 8 years
I can only imagine what T.S. Eliot or James Joyce would've made with the news. It would be so confusing. The news would be in 20 different languages and wrought with dozens of obscure references with every news item, and half of it would be footnotes. Oy! Or how about William Carlos Williams? The news would be expressed in excessively terse sentences, but on the up side there would be way more room for advertisements. It might really help bring in revenue for the ailing newspaper industry.
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