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What's on Your Check List When It Comes to Looking for a Mate?

Women are assertive and we definitely know what we want, especially when it comes to men according to a new article in the Daily Mail. David Brown, the managing director of commented that the women on his site aren't afraid to let the men know what it is they're looking for.

They are looking for a man in a similar way to looking for a mortgage — by going to websites, saying what they want and comparing what is out there.

To see the top 20 qualities of a Mr. Right according to this article, click here to

  1. 5'11'' tall
  2. Good looking
  3. 12.5 stone (175 lbs.)
  4. Earns more than £30,000 ($60,000)
  5. Blue eyes
  6. Dark-brown short hair
  7. Medium build
  8. Has a BA degree
  9. Never been married
  10. No children
  11. Three previous serious relationships
  12. Clean shaven
  13. Drives silver Mercedes
  14. Enjoys the cinema
  15. Likes eating out
  16. Has had less than six sexual partners
  17. Owns a £300,000 ($600,000) home
  18. Doesn't smoke
  19. Dislikes football
  20. Likes pets

This laundry list might seem a wee bit excessive, but I have a feeling you all have a check list of your own so ladies tell me, what's on yours?


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