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HelloAnia HelloAnia 8 years
HelloAnia HelloAnia 8 years
Wooohoo Georgia, way to produce use some penis.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years
lmao I love Georgia penises ;)
danixk danixk 8 years
Not one penis f-up, but a second! haha. we all know what SHE was wanting!
sweetpeabrina sweetpeabrina 8 years
Georgia has the best penises around. :D
smartiez smartiez 8 years
I bet someone wrote that in the teleprompter :ROTFL:
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 8 years
To those in coach: No penis for you! :pepino:
xXFurygeistXx xXFurygeistXx 8 years
:O Didn't you know? XD Wonder if that's for first class passengers only?
se7a7n7 se7a7n7 8 years
Georgia is the top penis producing state?
Zivanod Zivanod 8 years
Too funny! :rotfl:
Kelliegrl Kelliegrl 8 years
She was having some difficulty with that one!
turtlefreak turtlefreak 8 years
:ROTFL: I want to fly and get some of those!!! :ROTFL:
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