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What Should I Wear?

Dear Sugar
I am going on a business trip to Southern California with my husband in two weeks and have no idea what I should wear to all of the social events we have planned. Please help because I want to make a good impression with his co-workers. Almost Out of Time Tina

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Dear Almost Out of Time Tina
Preparing outfits for a work trip can be extremely stressful, especially if you are traveling. Does your husband have a schedule of events planned? The one key thing to remember is know your audience. Although you want to dress to impress, in office situations, less is more.

Dress codes are sometimes tough to decipher, but chances are you will be attending dinners with colleagues and the best guideline to follow is business casual. Opt for a classic black or grey dress, knee length, or below, or a pencil skirt and a sassy, but not too sexy blouse. Remember to bring accessories such as: a fun necklace, scarf, or earrings that can jazz up a simple outfit and make it more unique to suit your personal style.

I would advise you to pack many options just to make sure you are prepared for any occasion. Pack a suit in case you are invited to a business meeting, a pair of tailored jeans and a sweater for a casual outside luncheon, and a fancy cocktail dress for an impromptu party.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. The most important thing is to be comfortable and confidant no matter what the circumstance. I am sure you will make a great impression on your husband's co-workers. Just remember to smile and have fun!

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daniellee daniellee 10 years
Anything black and knee length with pumps can NEVER go wrong. But then you'd be missing out on all of the stylish options you can try. What type of company does your husband work for? What type of people?? Will there be a lot of conservatives? Talk to your husband before you go shopping.
cgmaetc cgmaetc 10 years
LA has a dress code? First of all, we've been having a "real" winter, real meaning cool temps by day and cooler at night, very little rain. a few sweaters and some tall boots with opaques tights would help keep you warm. I would also caution you against dressing to provocatively. You will get here, take a look around, and be temped to shed the turtleneck for a some lacy cami or low cut blouse, but you will not garner any respect from your hubbys coworkers. -the ceeg
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