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What Should I do About My Neighbor's Mistreated Puppy?

Dear Sugar--

I'm having a problem with my neighbors. They just got a puppy, and from what I see (and hear) they aren't taking very good care of it. For the past 2 weeks, I can hear it every morning at 4 or 5 in the morning, whining and crying because they just leave the poor thing tied up outside. Then when the man comes out, he yells and curses at the dog to "Shut the F** up!"

Not only is it annoying to be woken up every morning by the puppy's loud crying, but I get so angry while I'm in bed and want to run over there and save that poor dog.

I went to the police already, and they said "There's no law that says you have to bring your dog inside. If you have a noise complaint, call us when it's happening so an officer can go over and see for himself."

I was outraged. This poor puppy isn't getting the love and attention it needs. Some people just don't deserve to have pets. What can I do?

--I Can't Take it Anymore Anna

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Dear I Can't Take it Anymore Anna--

Your situation sounds awful. This makes me so mad - some people just don't deserve to have pets. Have you tried talking to your neighbors? If you are apprehensive about doing that (I would be), you could also leave a letter on their door telling them what you've seen and heard. Let them know you have contacted the police and if it continues, they're going to lose their dog (which sounds like it would probably be a good thing).

If you know in your heart that this dog is being mistreated, you must do everything you can to help the police understand the situation. Document every instance, call them when the dog is barking, and hopefully you will get through to a compassionate officer who is willing to help this poor animal. Research your neighborhood Animal Control Group and contact them ASAP. They deal with abused or neglected pets all the time, and could rescue the poor puppy from that unhealthy environment.

I completely sympathize with you; there is nothing worse than standing by and watching people mistreat animals that can't help themselves, so I hope this helps Anna.


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