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What Is Sleep Envy?

Sleep Envy Turning Women Into Tired Green-Eyed Monsters

Do you ever lay in bed desperately trying to fall asleep while your partner rests peacefully? Well jealously resulting from this discrepancy can make you a "beastly bedfellow." "Sleep envy, as it is known, can turn a lady into a less than likeable partner," declares today's Daily Mail. But what if he's the one keeping you awake with snores and cuddles?

According to a poll featured in the paper, one in four women say they wake their partners up because they're jealous that they're sleeping. One in 10 admit to pinching! Fortunately for me, when I'm tired I can fall asleep anywhere, any time, so I don't have to sabotage anyone's precious sleep with "accidental" pokes. But apparently some women aren't as lucky. A quarter of the women polled said it takes them about an hour to fall asleep, while the men said they can doze off in under 10.

If sleep envy has turned you into a bedtime beast, you can always move on to the more modern solution: one couple, two beds.

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amber512 amber512 7 years
My husband can fall asleep anywhere at anytime. While I have never woken him up, if he is the reason I am awake (as in won't stop snoring LOUDLY) I do kick a little too hard sometimes.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
I poke him when he's snoring, but I think I'm usually the first one asleep anyway.
LeiraElle LeiraElle 7 years
I've timed my boyfriend; he's usually asleep in less than 60 seconds. He can fall asleep anywhere (a romantic night seeing "Atonement" at the theater... he's snoring... the first time meeting a co-worker, he's slumped in a chair in my office), but I can't imagine getting mad! I've woken him up if I want to talk, but certainly not out of jealousy or righteousness.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 7 years
That's not nice! :O The only times I woke my ex-husband up like that were when he was snoring and keeping me awake.
Frenched Frenched 7 years
Wow, I never knew such a thing as "sleep envy" existed, HAHA. I don't "pinch" hubby per se, but his snoring definitely upsets me. He gets to sleep like a baby while his snoring can keep me awake up until an hour!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
It takes me more like 5-20 minutes to fall asleep, and my man can go in around 2-10. but i just read until i'm ready, and he doesn't mind the light on. there's only ever been a few nights in my life where i've layed dead awake and not tired (it's usually because something is bothering me and I want to talk about it) and he is sleeping, so I've done the accidental poke, but this isn't a serious problem for me at all.
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