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Do Tell: What Do You Do Just For Him?

Do you hate sports but watch them anyway because your boyfriend asks you to? Or do you cheat on your diet so he can have someone to share a pizza with? In relationships, you have to give and take even if the giving is sometimes painful! I asked you what embarrassing things you ask of your significant other, but now let me ask you to tell me all the things that you do for him!


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mira1988 mira1988 7 years
I hang out with him and his friends even know I can't stand them
hannitah hannitah 9 years
Well He sings in a hard metal-core band and he sings with this horrible scary diabolic voice and every time he asks me if i like it.. i try to give him my best opinion. even thou i wish he would sing with his normal BEAUTIFUL voice which he has... damn... also he bought a new XBOX 360, which im proud to say he gives more attention to me than to it. :) and bought a viva piñata game just for me which i havent played yet.. cuz he says he wont bring the xbox to my house cuz he comes to hang out with me * ^^ * sweet. I just hate when we go out, he knows so many people that sometimes i think he forgets about me when we're in a crowded place where he knows lots of people ...
Cynnie Cynnie 9 years
These make me laugh ! As for myself, I watch him play Call of duty on his playstation, I listen to him talk about golf just about 24/7 because he truly is obsessed with the sport...Though it's all in good spirits that I do these things because I love him and I know he appreciates it.
emmad18 emmad18 9 years
Hahaha these stoies are all so funny and cute, they all remind me of my boyfriend too. I sit through hours and hours of him talking about poker..he's obsessed.. and after a big game with his friends he feels he has to tell me every card he got, and how he got a "flush" or a "pair" or a "bad beat", when i don't know what any of these things mean! But I listen, and I smile, and nod, becaus I love him :)
Phunkometry Phunkometry 9 years
My boyfriend is a jazz trumpet player, mainly inspired by those from the swing and bebop eras, so I listen to him talk endlessly about jazz music and musicians. Lately I've been letting him read excerpts from Miles Davis' autobiography to me and if he laughs at a story, I chuckle also, even though I have no idea why it's supposed to be funny. Did you know Bud Powell used to walk around with a smile on all day and he never spoke a word to anyone and one time Charlie Somethingorother went up to him and asked "Bud, what you always smilin' at, man?" and bud said, "You." HAAAAAH! Yeah I don't get it either. But sometimes I even ask him questions and he is more than happy to answer them. He gets so excited, the dear.
KrisE24 KrisE24 9 years
Biggest thing is probably multiple football games during a weekend...HOWEVER a) he has not pushed any of the games unless it's a Pats game and b) he watches re-runs of ANTM on VH1 with me. It's a great trade off ;-)
Marseeah Marseeah 9 years
The biggest thing I ever did for him was move to a really shitty small town in the midwest for a year - but it was really only for a year, and after that we moved to NYC. But. On an ongoing basis, the weirdest thing I do for him is fold laundry. I usually do all the laundry, but, if for some weird reason he has done it, he HATES to fold it, and always asks me to do it, and I always say yes. And. In return - besides supporting me in the manner inwhich I have become accustomed - he buys me flowers almost every week, puts up with me asking if I look good, and tells me he loves me all the time.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
i went to the star trek cafe for lunch last time we were in vegas. ever been there? freaks! the wait staff is in full costume meaning make-up and all. that is digging deep, lol.
rosey_y rosey_y 9 years
I watch sports with him. Or go see a movie I know he'd prefer to watch. I cook him a big breakfast whenever he stays over my place. And dinners, and lunch, come to think of it. I bake him cookies and slices to take home with him after he visits me on the weekend. I play with his pet ferret (who bit me on the breast the first time I met him!). I give him massages. I listen to him talking about cars. The list goes on! I do all this with pleasure though, as I love him and he always returns the favour without ever complaining. For example, he did four hours of hard gardening and pruning for me last weekend with me asking (or even hinting!). So ya, I'm happy to give him a back rub or two. :)
ranya3 ranya3 9 years
I visit his cousins and uncles houses, and listen to the women gossip, which is really annoying.
prettypear prettypear 9 years
One word - Sportscenter.
Cycy Cycy 9 years
I kiss him early in the morning when he has morning breath, even though my form of birth control (Implanon implant) makes me highly nauseous when I smell things like that. He has no idea.
leztnerp leztnerp 9 years
Oh yes, I thought of something else... Tool shopping. He's a mechanic so tools are very important to him. But I can only tolerate it for 10-15 minutes before I start whining and then wander off to find something more interesting to shop for.
leztnerp leztnerp 9 years
Bad action movies much? But he watches mine too. We don't really put each other through anything terribly unpleasant, but there have been some hours of my life watching Drunken Master and Crank that I won't get back.
lilwildone1202 lilwildone1202 9 years
i listen to his music/go see his type of bands play. he owes me a HUGE concert for all the little ones he's dragged me too ...altho as bad as it sounds i like when i "agree" to it bc then he tries extra hard to be cute boyfriend bc he knows i just did him a favor haha
Sun_Sun Sun_Sun 9 years
when he rents those horrendously gory gross and violent movies..and some action too...not fun, but hey he likes them =) he sits thru some chick flicks too ;)
dreamlover823 dreamlover823 9 years
Definetly pretending to LIKE video games... BORING but its all about compromise!
LoneWolf LoneWolf 9 years
Marynanabananas, that's what friends are for! Grab a bunch of girlfriends, go out to dinner and eat all the cheesy enchiladas that you can stomach :-) I hate mushrooms but he loves them so if I order something with mushrooms (like pizza), I just pick them out. If he orders food with mushrooms, he'll tell them to hold the mushrooms. It's all about compromise.
ninjastarlett ninjastarlett 9 years
he loves watching basketball and baseball, neither of which are sports i'm into, but i do it for him =)
melizzle melizzle 9 years
Lots of football. And hearing him talk on end about the technical aspects of the music he listens to. But I know he could care less when I babble about new makeup or cute shoes. But that's what a relationship is all about, understanding and respecting one another's interests!
red4bonez red4bonez 9 years
I listen and I try to understand things about cars and motorcycles. lol He likes the show drake and josh and I am not a big fan of it, yet I watch it with him all the time.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 9 years
I played Brian Lara cricket with him on Xbox even though I think cricket is THE MOST BORING GAME IN THE WORLD and ended up beating one of his friends one day, which made the friend a sore loser and my boyfriend extremely proud of me. :D And I watch Match of the Day dutifully to the point that I'm probably the only girl in England and definitely the only girl in the US who can whistle the theme song. :D
GrapeBubbleGum GrapeBubbleGum 9 years
I let him watch football allllllll day on sundays even though I hate hate hate hate hate football. Really...I let him watch sports most days of the week. I eat white rice even though I'd like for us to switch to brown rice (I'm trying to eat better...but he's Chinese and the white rice is important to him). Actually, I make a lot of compromises when it comes to diet. There are a lot of things I love that he hates so I don't cook them. I don't make anything with a lot of cheese and we've never been to a mexican restaurant...sigh, I miss those things.
thewriter thewriter 9 years
I go to the Formula One races with him, absolutely do not like it, But he goes to the Ballet for ME!!
anna_muffin anna_muffin 9 years
I listen to him talk about guitars;) And play his electric guitar, even though sometimes I just really want him to stop and let me study.
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