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What's Up With the Susan Boyle Obsession?

What's Up With the Susan Boyle Obsession?

The gifted Susan Boyle came into our lives thanks to Simon Cowell and YouTube. The unconventional star of Britain's Got Talent made us overlook her gray hair and dowdy clothes with her beautiful voice. Everyone seemed genuinely impressed with her talents and a little intrigued by her unlikely appearance.

But now that we've made Susan a star, it's time to bring her down. After losing the talent show, Susan's suffered a breakdown! And she's off to rehab. (For exhaustion?)

The recent stories about Susan don't praise her voice; instead they mock her personal life. Today, there's a story out about how Susan cried out for her cat, "flapping her arms like a confused child" and apparently screaming "Where's Pebbles?" OK, we get it. Susan is 48 and not married. She's a crazy cat lady.

Do you think Susan's vocal talents can propel her to a successful career based on her music, or will the public treat her as some sort of freak?


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