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What's the Worst Advice You've Read in a Self-Help Book?

What's the Worst Advice You've Read in a Self-Help Book?

Outdated self-help books may make great off-Broadway plays, but their advice is generally lousy if laughable. Yet today's self-help books, even the best ones, aren't much better, drowning readers in oppressive cheer and relentless positivity.

No books better illustrate this legally blind optimism than Rhonda Byrne's The Secret and now her new book, The Power. Ask the universe, and it will provide, she says (and sells). Arabella Weir muses at the ridiculousness of this promise in today's Daily Mail, but she's hardly the first person to mock the ask-and-you-shall-receive philosophy. What's the most worthless advice you've read in a self-help book?

Source: I Can Read

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