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When getting to know a new friend or when you start dating a new guy, sometimes it takes a while for them to see your true colors. Some women put up a guard to protect themselves, while others overcompensate for their shyness by acting over the top out of nervousness.

So ladies, do tell, if you could offer up one thing about yourself to a new person in your life, what would you want them to know?


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Jeannie_CK Jeannie_CK 10 years
I'm usually quiet and withdrawn. This does not mean I am in a bad mood or cross with you.
Bonne Bonne 10 years
I scared easily, but I'm worth it.
junebrug junebrug 10 years
I'm shy, not stuck-up. I can make a joke out of anything, even offensive things, because humor is my defense mechanism. I'm not as weird as I seem when I'm really nervous.
bookgirl bookgirl 10 years
That just because I like to joke around and laugh doesn't mean that I'm stupid or can't understand serious conversation, but sometimes laughing makes a bad situation seem better. I just deal by telling jokes. Oh, and I can be shy at first, but don't take that as being stuck up or snobby. I will eventually open up...
ayanabonita ayanabonita 10 years
I practice honesty even if it hurts i expect the same back!!
fab4 fab4 10 years
oh, Stefapie, me too. Just because I don't want to hold your child doesn't mean I'm not a nice person. It just means I don't want to hold your child.
raptinrainbows raptinrainbows 10 years
i second all the "kindness, not weakness" comments. also, just because i snap your head off doesn't mean i don't love you. :-) and please don't be a pushover. or a dense mule. can't stand either.
söderskär söderskär 10 years
That I have Asperger's, but it's not a geek syndrome and I do NOT lack empathy. And calibabi, you don't have to tell me that my damn dog is cute, I already know, cause that's why I adopted him. :raspberry:
StefaPie StefaPie 10 years
sorry for posting twice, i forgot to subscribe the first time. and calibabi, i can totally relate, just replace dogs with children
calibabi calibabi 10 years
oh, and i am also NOT an animal don't expect me to tell you how cute your damn dog is. i don't think it's cute and i never will. haha.
calibabi calibabi 10 years
realize that i am extremely grumpy in the morning (usually until about 10am) so don't take it personally. for some reason i always wake up with a scowl on my face...i think i sleep with my brows furrowed or something. again, it shouldn't be taken personally!
mtx mtx 10 years
i have a crazy temper. and always call back when i hang up on you. always. no matter what i say.
kendalheart kendalheart 10 years
I tend to just be very funny so that I don't have to have a serious conversation in the beginning. I act rather silly..
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 10 years
That I can't control my facial expressions so not to take them too seriously. :)
vmruby vmruby 10 years
That i would do anything for anyone but don't take me for granted or abuse my kindness because i will not be giving you a second chance....
onesong onesong 10 years
ooh ooh stefapie, i agree. DONT mistake kindness for weakness! also, i'm loud and weird and laugh at the most bizarre things.
callmehoney callmehoney 10 years
i'm pretty insecure and i am NOT dainty at all.
candy-apple candy-apple 10 years
I'd like a new friend to know that although I may act slightly weird- im not completely off my rocket! actually once you get to know me i think i'm a pretty decent person. And I'll do absolutely anything for my friends.
controlledspin controlledspin 10 years
That you will very rarely get a second chance. You hurt me bad enough to make me cry, or lose sleep, you are DONE.
fab4 fab4 10 years
I realize that I'm loud and that I joke too much. You don't ever need to point it out to me.
StefaPie StefaPie 10 years
that there is a very distinct difference between being kind and being stupid. just because i'm a kind, nurturing, generous person doesn't mean i'll put up with bullshit
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