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What Not to Write on a Credit Card Signature Machine

You know those pads you sign after using a credit card that are supposed to verify your signature? Well, one smart-ass decided to test whether it was really doing anything. Every time he used his card and had to sign, he'd write Xs, squiggly lines, even "Crotchy Crotchington." Nuthin'. The machine had no problems with any of these bogus signatures. Until one day, he met a machine that didn't like what it saw. Curious what that pretty dumb but NSFW signature was? Then


That's right — a penis doodle. The machine promptly spit out a receipt asking the cashier to verify the signer's card with an ID. Now, thanks to one man's juvenile experiment, we know we can't just write anything we want! Thanks, smart-ass man.

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weffie weffie 8 years
i didn't think it would really matter... a girl at my work had a customer who left without signing for his credit card, so she just drew a squiggle on his behalf and nothing ever came of it. if it ever happens to me i'm totally drawing a penis though hahaha
aaroohii aaroohii 8 years
i've known this since i was a kid.. I never sign my name on those machines.. i always scribble and it accepts everything.. NO BODY KNEW THAT?
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years
lol that is pretty funny
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
Well this is actually interesting. I'm sure that everyone has seen these two links since they are the same exact thing and very old: What's interesting is that in the "Credit Card Experiment" links above, the guy draws pictures on a whole slew of credit card receipts and electronic signature pads and not until he writes "not authorized" is it ever ever questioned. So that makes me wonder if cashiers do actually care about this stuff now compared to a few years ago.
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