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Doggonit — 2008 was Sarah Palin’s breakout year, and whether you love the lipstick-wearing hockey mom's mavericky conservative credentials, or cringe at her policies, you have to agree that she made this year pretty memorable!

Before the end of August, most of us had no idea that Sarah Palin would leave such a mark. She soon made it obvious, with an electric speech at the Republican National Convention, which helped McCain surge ahead in the polls. But after a few stumbles in interviews with the likes of Katie Couric, some became extra curious about the impending VP debate. In the end, the Alaska governor delivered a one-of-a-kind debate performance for Joe Sixpack watching at home.

And who can forget the more playful moments? Palin starred next to look-a-like Tina Fey on SNL. And days before the election we found out the RNC spent $150,000 on Palin's wardrobe, which caused some to call BS on the regular-Joe routine and others to declare Sarah a victim of sexism. Finally, when the campaign ended for good, Sarah came back into our lives with some Thanksgiving spirit, giving an interview while someone slaughtered turkeys right behind her.


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