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What is Your Idea of a Dream Ticket?

There's been talk of a Clinton/Obama dream ticket, but the Republicans may have good reason to consider their own fantasy. A poll just put out shows that John McCain could beat either versions of the Democratic ticket, if he can somehow recruit Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as his VP.

The poll suggests the two Republicans would carry New York — a strong Blue state— defeating a Clinton-Obama ticket by 3 points (49-46 percent) and an Obama-Clinton ticket by 5 points (49-44 percent.) If they could defeat the Dems in a state like New York — Clinton's home state! — it might just be a GOP dream ticket.

Condi has said no thanks, and plans to return to Stanford University after she's finished being Secretary of State. Obama has also killed rumors that he's running for second place.

But since we can still dream, which match up is your idea of an ideal ticket?


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