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What Pinnochio Knew — Your Nose Gives You Away

Ever thought of your nose as a character reference? Outside of fabled children's literature, I never gave much thought to what my nose might say about me. And I didn't think other people did either.

Actually, they do. New computer software called the PhotoFace scans your nose and uses the information to classify your nose "identity" into one of six categories. Turns out, the features of a nose are hard to change, even with plastic surgery, and can't be manipulated like iris scans with contacts or hidden like fingerprints by wearing gloves. Besides, our noses are smack-dab in the middle of our faces (duh!) making them hard to cover up or conceal. So, maybe noses don't grow or change when we're lying, but it turns out, they don't even have to.

Interested in what your nose says about you? Then check it out and let us know what you think of your nose-based character assessment.

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