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What Are Your Rules of Dating?

Dating can feel like a chore if you're with someone who's not meeting all your expectations. Since no one likes to settle, knowing if your potential mate can meet your needs is important to decipher as soon as possible. I've always had my own check list, so to speak, of what I like in a man but has concocted their own list of common first-date "tests" women use on men to see if they're worthy!

To see what they are,


  • She offers to pay for the check: Offering to pay the check is often a polite way to measure up a man; the way he reacts is a true test of character since so many women expect him to pick up the tab.
  • She expresses dissatisfaction: Knowing how to deal with small complaints is another test. While most men have no tolerance for complaining, if a woman is doing it on a first date, it must have some validity.
  • She sets you off balance: A woman with a cheeky sense of humor isn't necessarily poking fun, she just may not know how to get her hard questions answered. If her comments are off putting, her date should impress her by not squirming.
  • She invites chivalry: Chivalry still lives so if a woman's inviting it, her date should show her that he knows how to be a gentleman.
  • She lets you steer conversation: She wants to get to know her date, but she's also testing him to see if he'll talk too much. It's important to take turns talking and listening so one person doesn't control the entire conversation.
  • She drinks: It's perfectly normal to indulge while on a date, but less is more. Even if the woman is drinking, she's testing to see if her date will drink too much. Remember gentleman, it's your job to make sure she gets home safely!

Do you incorporate any of these tests when you go on a first date? If you have your own way to asses him, tell us what's on your check list!


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