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What's so Addictive About Twilight

Why Adult Women Shouldn't Be Embarrassed to See Eclipse

With the third installment of Twilight out, adult women are once again back in touch with their teenage selves. Ask any of them about it: some may be embarrassed, and most will say they know it's bad but they just can't help themselves.

Dana Stevens at Slate suggests the mania is nostalgia. The series brings us right back to the drama of our own high-school relationships.

Bella is also the only person capable of brokering a truce in the age-old vampire/werewolf feud. And, as of this installment, a fresh contingent of supernatural meanies — an army of just-created vampires known as "newborns" — is being organized by a rogue lady vampire (Bryce Dallas Howard) for the express purpose of destroying Edward and Bella's love. This high-school romance actually has the world-historical significance that the rest of us only felt like our high-school romance had.

The Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle appeals to the ridiculous intensity of being a teenager, particularly a teenager in love. Maybe all falling for it says is we have yet to succumb to the overly cerebral grown-up world. And that's nothing to be embarrassed about!


Source: Flickr User HannahLeePritchett

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