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When It Comes to Family, Who Are You Closest to?

Of course, I love everyone in my family. Each person has a special place in my heart, and my mind is filled with so many memories of all of them. I love them for what they've taught me, how they've been there for me, and what we've shared together.

That being said, there's one person I call the most and tell my secrets to, and that's my mom. Yes, she's my mom, but now that I'm older, she's also turned into my best friend. I feel the closest to her because she's such an amazing listener and, as women, we have so much in common.

So I want to know: When it comes to your family, who do you feel closest to? Your mom, dad, child, or spouse? A step-parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or sibling?


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