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If you're still together with your significant other, you've got 22 more days until you're out of the danger zone according to January's issue of Shape. Research shows that 56 percent of breakups happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. Sure, the holidays are a stressful time for everyone, but I would have thought that more people would break up once Spring had sprung, not when you want a warm body to cuddle up with. I guess my assumptions were incorrect on this one! So ladies, since we are apparently in the midst of breakup season, do you agree with these statistics or is Spring/Summer when you usually end your relationships?


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Advah Advah 9 years
March here as well.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
My one and only break-up was in mid-March.
JessBear JessBear 9 years
lilwildone, mine was on July 19th, too! Guess that's a REALLY unlucky day...
emalove emalove 9 years
The two other serious relationships I've been in (other than my husband) have ended in May and in August. So, no, not near the holidays for me.
BeachyAthlete BeachyAthlete 9 years
I think that my boyfriend are breaking up this week. We have been "taking space" and not talking all week. We're in a long distance relationship since October, and it's just not working. He is just not putting in the effort to call me and show me attention and it's killing me. So I think this is the week where I am finally ready to say "DONE." So I guess I fit the mold of when people generally break up. :-(
AujahAcorn AujahAcorn 9 years
funny... this has alway been the break up time for me. i started wondering if this was somthing that happened to others as well. i guess it does.
luvthebosox luvthebosox 9 years
I always break up at the beginning of summer and start new relationships in the fall (not always the following fall though). There's just something so great about being on the rebound during the sunny warm months. Not that I plan it this way, just seems to happen like that.
Cher Cher 9 years
My last few break ups were all in December... I guess I fit the trend. Cleaning out the garbage for a new year! hehe
lemuse20 lemuse20 9 years
Probably because it's so cold outside and so depressing... we become easily annoyed probably and want a fresh start and can't wait for spring. Those are my thoughts..
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I always hear about a lot of people breaking up right before summer. It seems people just want to go out and have fun and not bother with a "ball and chain." Or so I hear... :)
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 9 years
Ok I just lied. I think one was in December and the other two were in March.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 9 years
I have ended all 3 of my serious relationships in March.
emmebeth emmebeth 9 years
ALWAYS January or March! It's kind of eerie...
Greentea1203 Greentea1203 9 years
My boyfriend (+3 yrs) used to break up with me for a few weeks each summer when he'd get party crazy and I couldn't take it (he's a lot younger than me). We broke up last June for 3 weeks, got back together and then broke up October 24th when he said we needed time apart (very true). We just got back together this month and hopefully the October break-up will be the last since he's finally grown up.
julie-f-baby julie-f-baby 9 years
now =(
Eternity Eternity 9 years
mine always seems to happen in April/May, but usually after things have been boiling all winter. In short, winter is depressing, boring, and very challenging for some people, especially if they are cohabitating
lilwildone1202 lilwildone1202 9 years
miosotis, it was the worst haha. the one was my best friends wedding-- yeah ive dated some not so nice men. :)
miosotis miosotis 9 years
Wow, lilwildone1202, two break-ups on July 19th!
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
This has got to be the dumbest article ever...
candy-apple candy-apple 9 years
my bf and i broke up dec. 14. i think it was better this way than wait it out past St Val day. honestly- the whole New Year spiel of it being a new beginning was a very big morale booster for me, esp. in helping me get over the breakup.
ninjastarlett ninjastarlett 9 years
My three breakups don't follow that trend! One was in early November, one was in June, and one was in Sept.
NdHebert NdHebert 9 years
That makes sense! I love my boyfriend but we have been bickering like crazy lately!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
It's also a very straining time for money as well. Money for food, presents, going out...and my poor bf...our anniverysary is january 11!!!
bellanatella bellanatella 9 years
That's the thing, most people do want a warm body to cuddle up with - just not their boyfriend's - and they want to give him time to choose someone new too. Haha.
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