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Have you ever just had hot passionate sex without being in love with the person? Some people wouldn't dare to share that kind of intimacy with someone unless they had a deep love connection first. While others don't feel love has to come before sex; sometimes, it's all about having fun and fulfilling your desires. So when it comes to having sex without love, where do you stand?


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Maximus0077 Maximus0077 6 years
I forgot. There is a song that describes exactly how I feel. The song is "All By Myself " Eric Carmen, and the lyrics go " When I was young, I never needed anyone...and makin love was just for fun....those days are gone"...."Livin alone, I think of all the friends I`ve known, but when I dial the telephone, nobody`s home" ...."All by myself, don`t wanna be all by myself anymore".... It`s hard to be sure, sometimes I feel so insecure, and love`s so distant and obscure".... "remains the cure ".........I guess this is how I feel now. I can reallly relate to this song. Sure, when you`re young, sex without love is great...but as you get older, you seek more of an emotional bond and may find yourself alone. I cry when I hear that song. I `ve had nothing but a bad string of relationships, and I`m 45 and alone.
Maximus0077 Maximus0077 6 years
I think it`s common, however, it can get out of hand and you can end up getting hurt. Who hasn`t had sex without love ? Very few !! But when it comes down to it, it really does not satisfy your emotional needs, only physical. After awhile, you look for it all the time. You see attractive strangers as potential sex partners. This is a complicated issue. Some people can do it and be fine with it, others do it and find themselves feeling empty and lost. I mean, I had hot, passionate sex without love with deep kissing, etc...but when it`s over, they leave and bam ! You are back at square one. My emotional needs were not met and I feel lonely. Sex is the most intimate act known to man, but c`mon do you really feel when "Susan" walks out the door ??? I`d rather being in love, and I think casual sex has more downs, than ups. I guess I`m emotional. It made problems for me, and after awhile, I feel used, even though I`m a guy. It`s just too complicated for me.
Jake2010 Jake2010 6 years
Sex without love, in my opinion, is ok. Sometimes we just need to have some fun that only last a few days... say while on a business trip to a fun place.... as long as you're up front about it and that your intentions are just to have fun... then both parties can relax and see it as an adventure. It can really boost a person's spirits and image.... it also puts some excitement back into life... Just my 2 cents...
Svend-la-Rose Svend-la-Rose 7 years
Sex without love is morally acceptable for the satisfaction of an otherwise unmet sex drive but inferior to the deep mutual satisfaction of a long-term sexual relationship.
tayrose tayrose 7 years
I've been able to have great sex with someone who I wasn't in a relationship with or loved.
Asia84 Asia84 9 years
i'm not your Good-Time Gal, ready to party. if some sort of commitment isn't establish, then you better get aquainted with you right hand (left, if you're a south-paw). even hard-a*s me gets emotionally wrapped. see in order for me to have sex with you, it must mean that i have some attraction to you (beyond you pearly whites). and if you're just trying to "smack dat" as Akon sings, then it's not happening. i hate wasting my time, i don't have a high lebido anyways. that's what MR. Bluey is for (my dildo, multi-speed vibrator with rabbit ears).
Jacinthe Jacinthe 9 years
I've only had the one sexual partner, my current boyfriend, and I can't say for sure whether or not I was at the point of loving him the first time we had intercourse. Our physical relationship progressed quite naturally alongside the emotional one, and I suspect I did love him when the physical side got to that point, I simply was not conscious of it quite yet. I think my answer is "sorta kinda not really." I can say for sure there was at the very least a strong emotional attachment and a whole lotta trust, but I think at the time I was idly playing the "do I love him?" game in my head.
NdHebert NdHebert 9 years
Not anymore. I'm smarter than that now. I did that when I was a teenager than thank God I didnt get an STD.
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
I've been dating the same guy for 5 years, and he is the only person I've had sex with since we started dating when we were 17. In high school, I believed that it wasn't a good idea to have sex with someone where there wasn't a really strong bond/love, but I think that had to do with the fact that I was under 17/18, now I think it would be entirely appropriate if the bf and I broke up, and I probably would do it, but hopefully I won't have to find out!
lilwildone1202 lilwildone1202 9 years
i have only had sex one time without at least liking/knowing the guy before. and it turns out he's been my boyfriend for two years now. but i have never (with the exeption of once) been able to sleep with a guy i didn't at least like and was sort of dating. i didn't so much have to be in love with him--but i had to at least like him and date him.
sparklestar sparklestar 9 years
Yes and I still shudder at the thought. I was emotionally weak and vulnerable and they took advantage of me. Horrible.
Poster-of-a-Girl Poster-of-a-Girl 9 years
I'm tempted to say casual sex is A-okay just because I am single and afraid that if I wait for love I will not get laid in a really long time, lol. But at the same time, I know myself and I would probably totally get attached and ruin the whole thing.
atablackbelt atablackbelt 9 years
I don't have to be "in love" with the person I am dating to have sex with them. But there does have to be some level of feelings that are reciprocated. I don't do the whole "friends with benefits" thing. But in my current relationship we had sex after dating for about two months, but I wasn't in love with him at that point. One and a half years later I am very much in love with him though.
heineken67 heineken67 9 years
No thanks!
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 9 years
I only share my sexuality with someone I love.
elmendoa elmendoa 9 years
i can't have passionate sex with someone i am not in love with. it's so worth having passionate sex with someone u love than mediocre sex with someone u barely know.
kenziebaby kenziebaby 9 years
I have had some of the most physically pleasurable sex of my life without even being friends with the guy... to some it sounds ghastly but to me i think it's sort of like have a lot of pleasure from masturbation. it was at youthful and sexual awakening time in my life. he had respect for me which i think IS completely a requirement for casual sex. you can have great sexual chemistry with those you don't love.
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