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Where Do You Stand? Using Condoms When You're Married

Where Do You Stand? Using Condoms When You're Married

If you're not a fan of hormonal birth control, your options are limited when it comes to staying pregnancy-free. Condoms are an easy choice to stay protected when you're not in a committed relationship, but I've been hearing more and more married couples say that condoms are their preferred method of birth control, too. Of course to each their own, but isn't one of the perks of being in a committed marriage (one that's clear of STIs) that you don't have to fuss with interrupting the moment to find a condom? Clearly I'd pick another method, but where do you stand on using condoms when you're married? Do you, or would you, use them too?


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sophiabella sophiabella 3 years

There is the para guard copper iud it's non hormonal 99% effective and lasts for up to 10 years and can be taken out before that. I hope you can understand where she is coming from those hormones can cause weight gain, mood swings,blood clots and a ton of other things. I myself have had to use condoms with my husband because my body doesn't agree with birth control hormones. I am a total b*tch to my husband when I am on them they just make my emotions go all over the place. I would sit down with her and have a real honest and open talk. You don't want to go into the marriage feeling like you can't communicate it's not what you say but how you say it. Tell her in a nice way how you feel maybe she can schedule an appointment with her doctor and find something that will work for her. I just asked my husband about condoms and he said it's honestly not that bad yes there is a difference but he said it's not that huge of a difference. With a condom you don't feel as much warmth and those types of sensations but your still able to feel pleasure and reach orgasm. My husband knows how you feel so anything else you need to know just ask..

barnes59 barnes59 3 years
I've asked several of my married mates about their preferences and found that most of them actually use rubbers. Like me, my two best friends have also always used rubbers and have continued to do so throughout their marriages. So I don't think their is really is much stigma attached to using them as many, many couples use rubbers as their contraceptive of choice. I frankly use rubbers because I prefer to and could care less if this is stigmatizing.
barnes59 barnes59 3 years
My wife and I are both 36. Except when we were having kids, I've worn a rubber every time we have sex. You CAN make them part of your love making. In our case, my wife loves watching me rubber up and says she finds the build up to the moment I reach for a rubber and slip it on exciting. I'd also never consider have anal sex--which we both like--without wearing a rubber. I wouldn't consider using anything else and some of the new rubbers feel very good.
shybecker shybecker 5 years
I've  been with my Husband for 7 years, condoms are a must now because he takes a lot of out of town business trips where communication with us at home is not his priority, when he's home with us he's not really here with. Our once good love life has taken a dive and so the condoms within a marriage is more of a personal safety assurance for me then a birth control method. I guess if my Husband would be home more, pay attention when he is and things were better this wouldn't be something I felt necessary but I'd rather be safe then end up with a disease. Better safe then sorry for sure.
Serena603 Serena603 6 years
Yes birth control pills do have a lot of side effects. I've been confused myself. I stopped the pill for a few months, and my husband pulls out.Then I realize I hate the feeling not letting my hubby's fluid inside me. Sooooooooo I'm back on.
saftynets saftynets 8 years
Condoms are great, my wife thought at first she would use a diaphram but never realy found it easy,we never liked the idea of hormone contraception, though after our children were born she did try an IUD but unless you like a bleed for three weeks and one clear, not for us.So for twenty years we chose the good old fashioned condom with 100% reliability and no side effects.Condoms are as good as the users want them to be, extra precautions can still be taken when it is imperative to not get pregnant.
shandee82 shandee82 8 years
OK, so I was at the gyno today talking to my doc about getting back on birth control since my periods have started again after giving birth 7 months ago (hubby and I have been using condoms in the meantime- and I was breastfeeding). Anyway, so I told him that I want something that reduces bleeding each month (or eliminates it completely) and that my husband and I would probably continue to use condoms- no matter what hormonal birth control method I chose- because I don't like the mess..... He was in shock! My husband doesn't have a problem using condoms (or so he says) AND they make him last longer, which is great for me! When the doc reacted like that, I felt like maybe I am depriving my husband of...what? More pleasure? Or something else? I am not sure, but I am confused now. Am I the only woman in the world who prefers her husband to use a condom in order to reduce the messiness and for longer stimulation???
Ruby20 Ruby20 8 years
My husband and I have used the Billings Method for 27 years with no accidents...we use condoms carefully during my fertile phase. We've never had a problem with condoms... I've loved being free of Pills, injections, IUD's, side effects and everything else. We;re not religious - I went looking for an alternative when all my friends just automatically started taking the Pill and some are still taking it 30 years later! Many have been plagued with side effects and there have been a few unplanned pregnancies. Using the Billings Method you understand your cycle - I feel like my body and I are on the same team. I SO pleased I took the time all those years ago and contacted a Billings Method teacher... I'm a big fan of condoms as well - they enabled us to have careful sex during my fertile phase.
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
I can't take anything hormonal at all, so condoms are just about my only choice. Working on hubby though to have a Vasectomy. LOL
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
my preference is that once you're married there's no need for condoms. i know that it's a great way to avoid getting preggo - but i think that you can also know your body and all that to know when it's safe to have sex w/o a condom and not have to worry about having a baby.
AmandaKrups AmandaKrups 8 years
Cravinsugar, I think you and I are the only ones on here who use hormonal birth control AND condoms!! Are you all really that trusting of whatever method you use? Pills (or Nuvaring or IUD or the patch or whatever) are only about 99% effective, same with condoms, so two methods are definitely better than one! I'm married, and it's no problem to use condoms. They are in his nightstand, and so what if we have to stop for a minute? I don't care. We've never had sex without a condom (except twice when we had shower sex) so it doesn't feel any different to me or him. And like other people have said...less mess!! Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I'd rather not have kids now!
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 8 years
I don't bother with condoms now. My partner and I hate the feel of them and we've only got them as a back up when I miss my pill.
babysoftpink babysoftpink 8 years
The thinnest condom works much better than the regular kind. It feels pretty good with the thinnest kind. With the pills, even if you take yourself off of it later, it would be very hard to lose the weight even when they have improved the formula over the years and people are less prone to weight gain. Being slender is very important to me. Other methods such as IUD and NFP requires too much effort (even though the efforts are less as you become more skillful as using them, still too much effort for me). I greatly prefer convenience and the simplest/easiest method possible. Condom just seems to fit the bill best for me at this time.
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