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Where Do You Stand? Who Should Pay For Birth Control

If you're dating or in a relationship, chances are you're having sex and using birth control (unless you're trying to have a baby). Although birth control is absolutely worth every penny, it's not exactly cheap. Depending on the method you're using, you can end up spending $15 to $30 a month — $180 to $360 a year, which is no small chunk of change no matter how much money you make.

So where do you stand on who should pay for it? Some of my friends split the cost evenly with their significant other. I also have a few friends who have a deal that whoever uses it or wears it pays for it; the women pay for the NuvaRing, the pill, the patch, or the IUD, and the guys pay for the condoms.

So who pays for it in your relationship? You? Your partner? Both of you? Or do your insurance companies foot the bill for birth control?


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