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Where I'm Clicking Now: Barack Obama's Flickr Page

Where I'm Clicking Now: Barack Obama's Flickr Page

Barack Obama has a very active Flickr account, complete with a detailed profile (his interests include: basketball, writing, loafing with the kids). The pictures mostly come from the campaign trail, but they're much more candid than those you'll find in the news or on the candidate's website photo page.

Overall, the photostream is very extensive. Tons of house party fundraising events or shots of the candidate hobnobbing with regular folk get posted regularly. John McCain has a Flickr account, too. But it only has 95 photos compared to Obama's 21,382, last time I checked. McCain doesn't have a fun profile, either. Come on! The people want to know McCain's favorite movies, stars, and directors!

A Flickr account sounds like a great way to document all the excitement surrounding a candidacy. Do you think the Obama camp's fuller embrace of new media technologies gives him an advantage over John McCain? (In case you're wondering, Hillary Clinton has a Flickr photostream, too, which even includes family photos!)


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