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Where I'm Clicking Now: Carrotmob Dangles the Green Cash

Carrotmob, a new environmental nonprofit, ditches the guilt sticks for the, you guessed it . . . carrots. Accepting that profit is a corporation's raison d’être, the founder wants to create irresistible economic incentives for environmental responsibility.

According to its website:

Companies will do what we want, not because of negative pressure, or morality, or a boycott, or a petition...there are enough sticks out there. We need a big juicy carrot. They will do what we say because they won't be able to resist the profits.

So, what are the logistics? Carrotmob plans to create a "mob" of consumers who will endorse certain environmentally friendly products, rewarding eco-friendly behavior with a beefy bottom line. To see how companies can win over the mob,


In order to receive the mob's endorsement, the companies will submit bids, demonstrating just how environmentally safe the product is. For example, whoever creates the soap with the least chemicals and pollution, will be rewarded with the mob's business, resulting in more profits. Does this seem plausible?

Meanwhile, politicians are discussing other profit motivated solutions, specifically green collar jobs. For example, those in underprivileged areas can be trained to install solar panels, eventually becoming managers, owners, or inventors. It's good for the community, economy, and environment. Although some are skeptical that they will meet their promises, both Democratic candidates have pledged $150 billion to create 5 million green-collar jobs that will work to clean up the environment, lower energy use, and help build subways.

Are carrots, a.k.a. cash money, the best way to prevent corporations from harming the planet?


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