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Where I'm Clicking Now: Chris Matthews Foot-in-Mouth Watch

Where I'm Clicking Now: Chris Matthews Foot-in-Mouth Watch

As my love/hate relationship with political MSNBC host Chris Matthews continues, Media Matters has chronicled the downs of our up-and-down affair. Media Matters, an online nonprofit, monitors and analyzes misinformation in the US media. Repeat offender Chris Matthews has his very own page. Some of the recent highlights:

  • On April 25: Sen. Barack Obama "can't walk into a dinette [sic] with five or six guys there, white guys, in some cases. He can't just shake hands and hang out."
  • On April 22: One of the grandees of the party would say "we need some ethnic balance. He's got that interesting, sort of Middle Eastern Hussein in his name. Let's put a Jewish running mate with this guy."
  • On March 31: Regarding Obama's bowling form, "it isn't the most macho form there, I must say, but who knows?"

There are many, many more. Go check it out! Do you think TV hosts impact the political system when they make irresponsible comments, or can the public see through distasteful remarks?

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