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Where I'm Clicking Now: Rolling Stone Political Covers

Where I'm Clicking Now: Rolling Stone Political Covers

That "Britney in her panties" Rolling Stone cover might have gotten a lot of attention, but I know the mag can rock more than just an alluring pop tart. This compilation of all of its political covers is music to my history fanatic ears. I love looking back at contemporary representations of important events. What better way to roll through history than to peruse Rolling Stone's hot archive of political covers?

Most of the covers are a bit more creative than the magazine's latest radio-active Barack Obama-as-super-hero cover. A January 1974 issue featured a cartoonish President Nixon violating Lady Liberty. Yikes!

Check out the art work accompanying stories about the Vietnam War, the Watergate conspiracy, presidential children, Jimmy Carter and much more. The entertaining history lesson is worth the clicks!


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Matdredalia Matdredalia 9 years
This is what makes me sad is that Rolling Stone seems to have lost its touch when it comes to politics. They used to be on the forefront of respectable rock music, political music, and overall intellectual content, and now they're posting covers of Britney as "An American Tragedy". Seriously, what the hell, Rolling Stone?
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